How to perform Blur Detection using OpenCV in Python

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Blur Detection

Blur detection

1  1 11 -8 11  1 1
4 5 63 3 82 1 7
4 5 63 12 82 1 7

Blur detection

Image for post

import cv2
import argparse
import glob

Image for post

ap = argparse.ArgumentParser()
ap.add_argument('-i', '--images', required=True,)
ap.add_argument('-t', '--threshold', type=float)
args = vars(ap.parse_args())

To keep the images in the folder in a single array, we write the following code:

images = [cv2.imread(file) for file in glob.glob("{}/*.jpeg".format(args['images']))]

Now it is time to take the pictures in the folder one by one and apply the Laplacian method to find blur.

for image in images:
	gray = cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
	fm = cv2.Laplacian(gray, cv2.CV_64F).var()
	text = "Not Blurry"

	if fm < args["threshold"]:
		text = "Blurry"

	cv2.putText(image, "{}: {:.2f}".format(text, fm), (10, 30),
		cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_SIMPLEX, 0.8, (0, 0, 255), 3)
	cv2.imshow("Image", image)
python -i images -t 100

Author - Blur detection

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guest_blog 14 Sep, 2020

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hI Model and final line "python -i images -t 100" , everything is running perfect in console but no result is coming ? output link is not opening ? how you open the output link ?