Mathematics as a Monarch

Harsha Vardhan Garlapati 26 Aug, 2021 • 5 min read
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Mathematics is a very crucial part of our day-to-day lives. From the day we born to death, we use Mathematics knowingly or unknowingly in various types of applications we use and in many scenarios. In childhood, we begin our learning Numbers, tables, equations, etc., to solving complex equations and generating new formulas, and inventing new techniques & tricks in solving a particular mathematical problem.

Mathematics data science

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Mathematics has gained a greater significance in the field of the latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Deep Learning, and many more technologies. Every new technology in today’s world is directly or indirectly related to Mathematics, to develop smart & simple solutions for the problems. At present, Mathematics is ruling the world like a monarch through its applications in diversified fields. Mathematics is helping in many industries like software, medical, automobile, designing, robotic industry, and in many more workspaces with its different math functions, new techniques, theorems, algorithms, etc.,

How is math related to Latest Technologies………??

We have discussed that mathematics is playing an essential role in the latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Deep Learning, etc., It is because every algorithm built in the latest technologies has a mathematical function behind it. Mathematics helps to build logic behind every problem that we encounter in our day-to-day applications.

We might have a small doubt in our minds, how the mathematics has gained such a huge and utmost importance in the latest technologies………??

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The main reason for a greater significance of mathematics is because of its various concepts like: –

· Linear Algebra

· Probability

· Calculus

· Statistics

Those are the 4 main concepts used in developing any type of new technology or solving any complex problem or discovering a new algorithm. Moreover, we can say these concepts are the foundation pillars for the enhancement of any latest technology or any new application in the real world.


Linear Algebra

It has a faster computation speed in dealing with any type of problem. It helps to understand the insights and background behind the various types of algorithms used in the latest technologies. It helps us in decision making and mostly deals with matrices and vectors and be accessed with a Numpy Library in python language.

Mathematics Data Science - Scalar

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· A scalar is a single number.

· A vector is an array of numbers represented either in a row or a column.

· A matrix is a 2D array, represented in rows and columns.

· A tensor is an N-dimensional array, with more n value more than 2.



It deals with the likelihood of an event in a sample space and the certainty of that event. This approach is mainly used in the latest technologies, to produce better results for future prediction. It helps in the decision-making aspect also, to bring out reliable results of a particular problem. In general terms, the probability is calculated as

P(E) = No of Favorable Outcomes / Total No of Possible Outcomes

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In the terms of probability, P(E) is called the probability of the event, and E is called the Event. It tells about an event that may occur or may not occur in a sample space. The probability always lies in the range of 0 and 1 for any application.

Most of the real-world applications use the probability in decision man making aspect and finding solutions for the complex problems that we encounter while developing a new algorithm or application. Probability helps us in likely outcomes of the future and mainly used in stock markets and in various industries.



A branch of mathematics deals with the study of continuous changes and optimizing the results at the end. Without having good knowledge in the field of calculus it is difficult to compute the probabilities and we cannot generate better outcomes to the problems. It is focused on derivatives, integrals, and limits.


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Calculus is aimed at optimizing the algorithms of the latest technologies. Helps us to build efficient solutions to the problems accurately. It is mainly of two kinds namely Differential Calculus and Inferential Calculus.



It helps us to draw insights from the data. It deals with the collection, presentation, analysis, and Interpretation of Numerical data. Statistics plays an important role in the field of the latest technologies to work on more complex data and acts as the major key factor behind the development and growth of an organization.

It is divided mainly dived into two types namely Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics. The frequently used concept in the field of mathematics and has a greater significance in developing a new type of applications and algorithms that leads to enhancement of new technologies. Statistics help us to bring a summary picture of the process flow in an industry or in a workspace.

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There are many jobs by just knowing the concepts of Mathematics and some concepts in the field of latest technologies will have a better pay to a person. The jobs in this domain are Data Scientists, Data Analysts, etc., One needs to have a better understanding and skill over the area of Mathematics to draw better insights into a problem and find a suitable solution to it.

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