Data Science Blogathon 20th Edition

Sakshi Khanna 09 May, 2022 • 5 min read

Analytics Vidhya is back with its 20th Edition of the Data Science Blogathon, which is live from TODAY! So the wait is over; click here to Register Now!


The Data Science Blogathon by Analytics Vidhya began with a simple mission: To bring together a large community of data science enthusiasts to share their knowledge with the world. With 4000+ articles under our belt on various topics such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Lakes, and Data Engineering published by over 700 authors who are avid data science enthusiasts, students, professionals and researchers from across the globe. We bring to you the 20th edition of the Data Science Blogathon. Click here to Register Now!

What’s in it for You?

This month’s Data Science Blogathon brings you more rewards for you through our special referral programme. That’s right! 

Introducing the Author Referral Program!

Yes, you read that right! Refer and encourage your friends to publish articles in the current Blogathon, and both of you stand a chance to win an extra amount.

Who can Participate in the Referral Program?

This program is only open to all our existing authors.


  • Refer a friend, and if the referee publishes 1 article, both the referrer and referee will receive INR 300 each.
  • Refer a friend, and if the referee publishes 3 or more articles, then both referrer and referee will receive INR 1300 each.


  • The referral code is shared with existing authors over the mail.
  • Share your referral code with your friends (ONLY NEW AUTHORS are eligible for the code who would be publishing their articles for the first time on Analytics Vidhyas’ blog).
  • Tell them to submit the code at the time of registration.

Though you still might be wondering, apart from the monetary rewards, what else is there to learn for you?

Implement Your Learnings

Be the master of your data science learnings and transcribe them for the world to read. Learning and writing go hand-in-hand, and jotting down your thoughts enhances retention of what you have learned and serves for future reference.  

Boost Structured Thinking

A good data scientist knows how to code. But, a great data scientist knows precisely how to approach each problem with a structured thinking mindset and the ability to storyboard. Working closely on problem statements and the habit of writing about your possible solutions gives you the edge over every other coding master.  

Build Up Your Resume

Writing blogs and getting them published serves as a great learning experience and boosts your visibility in the massive crowd of data scientists like you out there. 

Analytics Vidhya’s Data Science Blogathon is the second largest of its kind in the world, and every article published is shareable on popular hiring websites and job boards like LinkedIn,, Shine, etc. 

Get Noticed in the Analytics Vidhya Community

Gaining knowledge through the process of blog writing is important but getting a chance to network with industry leaders and like-minded people is priceless. Analytics Vidhya has 2.5 million monthly users, including industry experts, so there’s a good chance of reaching potential employers for your dream role. 

Cash Rewards are at Stake!

Learning, networking and recognition are all well and good, but we have cash rewards for the best writers out there, with a new writing category and a surprise reward on offer as well. Do read on for more information about the rewards. 

What are the Prizes on Offer?

Base Price

Choose the Data Science content you want to create and win for each published article.


Special Topics: Data Engineering

This time we are considering all the topics that come under Data Engineering as a special category. Following are some suggested topics:


 New Submission Category – Guides!

As mentioned above, we continue to publish “Guides”. Guides are intended to be a one-stop resource on specific topics in Data Engineering, Machine Learning and related topics. Since we receive multiple entries for Guides, only one Guide per topic will be published.


Here is an example of a Guide: K Means Clustering | K Means Clustering Algorithm in Python

Feel free to explore any topic of your choice, though – the only restriction is that it should be as comprehensive as possible and should be of a minimum of 2500 words in length. It should also be on a topic in the domain of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering, etc.

Some Points to Note

* Note that the final consideration of a guide is an editorial decision which is based on how unique your guide’s topic is and how comprehensively you have explained all components of that topic.

* Note that the article will have to be technical and code-based in nature to be eligible for the above special categories. Listicles or career articles will not count.

* All International payments will be made via Paypal.

* For India-based authors, Pan Card and other bank details are imperative.

Rewards-Based on Views: Bonus Rewards

Winners Prize

  • The top 3 Articles will be judged based on the number of unique page views.
  • The editorial team will judge the top 3 Guides.submission-tyoe

* 3 Guides (Chosen by Editorial Team)

A Special Award Category: Win the New iPad!


You are not in a dream. Every author whose article gets published in the blogathon stands a chance to win the latest iPad through a random draw, where one lucky winner will be chosen. 

This is an opportunity that should not be passed upon. You stand a chance to get your hands on the latest iPad with striking fast performance and an outstanding display. Think of the amount of learning you would be able to achieve on this powerful device from Apple. 

How to Participate?

To participate, simply click on the “Register Now” button above to be redirected to the registration portal. Fill out some basic details, and once the competition starts on 8th May 2022, sign in to and start writing. It’s that simple!

Important Dates and Deadlines

Note: We update the leaderboard twice a day. There is no set time for the update per se. But check back in the afternoon and late evening to see the latest views.


So what’s there to wait for? Prepare your workspace, gather your snacks, refresh your knowledge, and get ready for one of the world’s largest Data Science Blogathon with amazing learning, networking, and recognition opportunities in place, accompanied by huge cash rewards for all our top performers. 

Take a look at our published articles and gather all the motivation. Head on to our blog.

Sakshi Khanna 09 May 2022

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