Data Science Blogathon 22nd Edition

Sanjana Rajpal 08 Jul, 2022 • 4 min read

The wait is now over! Here is your chance to share your knowledge with the world! After successful and insightful 21 Blogathons, Analytics Vidhya is back with yet another Data Science Blogathon with its 22nd edition that goes live from today!

Blogathon 22


The Blogathon by Analytics Vidhya is organized with a simple mission to share the knowledge around Data Science with the world. And, to build a community of Data Science enthusiasts worldwide. We are always keen to share knowledge and are proud to achieve this by publishing 4000+ articles from 700+ authors on multiple topics like Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, etc. If you want to become a part of this community and share the knowledge with the world then Register here!

If you participate in our Blogathon, we will not only publish your articles on our platform, but we will also provide detailed feedback to every writer on their work.

What’s new for you?

Along with our gifts and cash prices, we have introduced the Author referral program for you. Yes, you heard it right! Now, you refer your friends by encouraging them to write for our website and earn additional cash rewards.

Guidelines of the Referral Programme

The referral program is only for our existing authors. Let us now look at the way in which we will award you.

  • The referral code will be shared to the email of the existing author.
  • Share the referral code with the New Author and ask them to use this code to register themselves.
  • If the referee publishes one article, then both the referee and referrer get INR 300 each.
  • If the referee publishes 3 or more articles, then both the referee and referrer get INR 1300 each.

Your Takeaway!

  1. Enrich Your Data Science Knowledge
    The best way to boost your knowledge is by sharing it with the world. Also, writing what you have learned enhances your memory through the process and gives you a better understanding of the subject.
  2. Work on Your Problem Statements
    The best way for solving your problem statements is to create a structured approach through the power of storytelling. These are the two most important characteristics of a Data Scientist and they can be achieved by participating in the Blogathon.
  3. Build Your Linkedin Profile
    If you want your profile to stand out from the crowd and come in the eyes of recruiters, then writing blogs for Blogathon will help you do that.
  4. Engage With The Analytics Vidhya Community
    If you write blogs for the community, then you have a chance to get your writing acknowledged by the 2500+ regular monthly users who comprise data science experts and some esteemed personalities.
  5. The Cash prices are waiting
    Once you achieve all this, don’t forget that apart from the recognition, the cash prices for your hard work are waiting for you!

How to participate in a blogathon?

Don’t worry, this is not rocket science. All you need to do is come and click here. The redirected registration page contains the detailed enrollment process and the rules and regulations to submit the articles.

The Prizes we Offer

Base Price

From the below, choose the data science topic you want to write on and start jotting down!


Special Category: Data Engineering, Web 3.0, Blockchain, Interview Questions

For your reference, here are some of the suggested topics: 

Guides- The New Writing Category

If you are keen on writing resource-specific topics, then the guides are there for you. These are comprehensive write-ups that are not to be written in more than 2500 words in the domain of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering, etc. Also, there will be one guide published under every topic.


Some Points to Consider

  • The selection of guides will be based on the editor’s decision based on comprehension and readability.
  • The articles should be based on codes and technicality. Listicles are not considered guides.
  • For international payments, Paypal is used
  • For Indian writers, Pan Card and other bank details are essential.

Your Rewards-based on Views

rewards based on views

Prize For Winners

  • Views will decide the basis of the top 3 articles
  • The top 3 guides will be selected by the editorial team

The Special Reward- iPad

Every author who wins the Blogathon stands the chance to win a brand new Apple iPad. Amongst every winner, one lucky person will win the iPad! Now, this is something you can’t miss. Come and register yourself now!


Was this enough to pump up your blood? If yes, then put your writing skills to work and get ready to impart knowledge, and win! The world’s largest Data Science Blogathon is here to upskill you and give you the recognition you deserve.


Sanjana Rajpal 08 Jul 2022

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