Data Science Blogathon 24th Edition

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Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it with the world is the first step to humanity.



There are plenty of competitions and knowledge-sharing platforms in the sea of data science and technological advancement. However, no one does it quite like us! Well, our numbers say so. Analytics Vidhya is back with yet another edition of the World’s largest data science knowledge competition – Data Science Blogathon 24th Edition. After a successful and insightful streak of our previous Blogathons, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of Blogathon 24th Edition.

Blogathon 24


The contest is up and running live from today. The most anticipated data science knowledge competition awaits your registration and submission to share with the rest of the world. If you’re a veteran (that’s what we like to call the regular authors), you know the drill already. If you’re a newbie and are eager to make a positive knowledge contribution, we are delighted to have you.

If you missed out on participating in the previous Blogathon editions, here’s your chance to redeem yourself. Put on your wisdom cap and start this satiating and rewarding journey of sharing your data science knowledge with others.


Analytics Vidhya – Mission & Story Behind It

While you’ve heard Blogathon and its reviews from fellow community people, let’s take you to the story behind it. The founders of Analytics Vidhya are data science mavericks, and their mission and goal are to make this abundance of knowledge available to the rest of the community.

Blogathon was conceived and spearheaded by Analytics Vidhya with a single focal mission – to bring all data science nerds across the globe under one shared community and to actuate the process of knowledge sharing with everyone aspiring to get into data science.

What initiated a humble effort to start sharing data science knowledge with people has now transpired into a massive community of over 700 authors and a valuable data bank of 4000+ articles. The numbers are growing by the day, and the community is only getting thicker and more credible with each waking moment.

The world of data science and machine learning can get complex and daunting for anyone without adequate guidance and knowledge material. This keeps the fire in us alive to make Blogathon the biggest and most trusted data science professionals’ community that reckons across the globe.


Benefits for Authors

If diluting your knowledge to benefit others is what kicks you, Blogathon is your place to be. You might wonder what’s in store if you contribute to the community. Well, apart from the massive pacification, there are some amazing benefits that we have reiterated here for your understanding:

  • Strengthen Your Data Science Knowledge

Knowledge acquired and not shared with the world is what seems a shallow approach. What you’ve learned and understood over the years, slogging into the data science field, should be shared with the community to get benefitted from. Not just it makes you a better professional, but it also strengthens what you’ve learned. Writing about the principles, formulas, and other stuff will only make you the “Subject Matter Expert” in your branch.

  • Solve Your Problem Statements in a Newer Way

The power of storytelling can help you resolve your problem statements in a structured manner. Getting problem statements is one of the most common issues in data science, and Blogathon resolves it beautifully.

  • Level Up Your Professional Portfolio

Recruiters are always on the lookout for conscious professionals who, after acquiring learning, are inclined towards giving it back to society. What better way to do it than Blogathon? Share your knowledge with the world and demonstrate the same on your resume, professional profiles, portfolio, and LinkedIn to get picked up by prolific recruiters.

  • Engage With & Solidify Analytics Vidhya Community

Analytics Vidhya’s Data Science community is all about professionals and authors waiting to do their bit in educating the world. Blogathon gives you a niche platform to participate and engage with the community. You can expect some great conversations with a monthly user base of 2500+.

  • Monetary Rewards, Bonus & Chance to Win an iPad

Although education is priceless, we believe in rewarding educators for their gregarious efforts in sharing knowledge with the community. Expect some lucrative cash rewards, bonus rewards, and a chance to win an iPad every month.


How to Get Started with Participation?

The competition starts on 8th September. To enter the competition, just press the register button on the Blogathon page. Once you are registered, gather your thoughts and start writing. Here are a few pointers to make your writing and submission journey smoother:

  • It takes 36-48 hours to review and provide feedback on each article.
  • Once you see ‘Shortlisted’ on the Editor, give it up to 48 hours for the article to reflect on the Analytics Vidhya blog.

There is a detailed video to help you with the registration process and a walk-through of the editor platform to make your writing journey smoother. Do check it out!


Topics to Choose for Data Science Blogathon

Here is an exhaustive list of topics to help you set a foot forward on the writing journey at Blogathon. Pick any based on your niche and start penning down your knowledge.

Data Science Blogathon 24 Topics

Out of the above topics, some special topics attract higher rewards over others. Such topics include MLOps, Web 3.0, Blockchain, Interview Questions, and Data Engineering.

Prizes Galore to Reward Our Distinguished Authors

Here’s what each published article in Blogathon gets you:

Data Science Blogathon 24 Prize

Bonus Rewards Based on Views

Data Science Blogathon 24 Bonus Rewards

Points for Writing Guides

Guides are the best format for you if writing resource-specific topics and detailed articles is your forte. These comprehensive, feature-length content formats carry nearly 2500+ words, specifically in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering, etc. Please note that only one guide will be published under every topic.

 Guide Topics

Rewards for Top 3 Articles & Guides 


Stand a Chance to Win – A Glitzy New iPad


This must undoubtedly be the most exciting of all rewards – a glitzy new iPad. Yes, you saw it right! An iPad is waiting to be taken home monthly for the ‘Best Author of the Month’. If you want to be that one lucky winner, don’t wait further and register yourself for Data Science Blogathon 24th Edition.


As we said before, knowledge is priceless and sharing it is even more valuable. If you’re one of those who are a data science geek, have bundle knowledge brimming to share with others, and want to be rewarded lucratively, Blogathon is the platform for you. Upskill, share, earn, and grow to be a better professional and an even better human!

Would you like to read the blogs that our lovely authors contribute? Go check it out!


Meetu Arora 09 Sep 2022

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