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Deeksha Rana 16 Sep, 2022
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Data science is a practical subject that the experts can best explain in the field. To provide our community with a better understanding of how different elements of the subject are used in different domains, Analytics Vidhya has launched our DataHour sessions. These sessions will enhance your domain knowledge and help you learn new skills to excel in the current market of data.

Dig in, scroll over the list for upcoming DataHour below, and register yourself now!

Prerequisites for registering:

Eagerness to learn Data Science and its practical applications.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Students and Freshers who are willing to start a career in  Data Science.
  • Data science professionals looking for a platform to upgrade their knowledge and grow in their field.


DataHour Session: Hands-on with A/B Testing

One of the most practical tests performed by industry experts is A/B Testing to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their research. In this DataHour, you will learn about the logic behind the test, situations when it can be applied and how you can apply this test in your analysis.


The speakers of this DataHour, Ravi Kumar and Kapil Kumar, are Data scientists at CRED, where Ravi is leading the NPL vertical, and Kapil manages the recommendation and personalization. With 4 + years of experience in NPL and deep learning, Ravi is also the co-founder of his startup,  Buildblockz, through which he facilitates real estate businesses by networking and marketplace. Kapil has experience working with ML projects with organizations like INCF and OBF.

DataHour Session: Modern Deep Learning Architecture

Modern deep learning architecture is an advanced approach that outperforms machine learning algorithms in its applications. In this Datahour, you will get an insight into how to use Modern deep learning. You will also get familiarized with various important architectures such as AlexNet, VGGNet etc.


Through this DataHour, Interact with  Research Scholar of the Center of Computational Data Science, IIT Kharagpur  Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay. Along with the experience of serving as University Faculty of Business Analytics and Statistics at School of Management Science, MAKAUT (Govt. of WB),  Project Scientist at Nanoscope Technologies and much more to count on,  he became Kolkata Lead of Facebook Developer Circle and achieved the position of  ‘Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, Champion Innovator-Cloud AI/ML (Google) and ‘Intel Software Innovator’.

DataHour Session: Building Data Pipelines on GCP

Every data-generating site has the potential to provide meaningful results. So to extract the data and reach the final analysis of results, you must master the process of building a Data Pipeline. In this DataHour, you will learn how to construct robust data ingestion pipelines through managed services provided by the Google cloud platform. This DataHour will also cover the process of building data lakes using google cloud storage and ingesting real-time using pubsub, dataflow and bigquery.

Data Pipelines | DataHour Sessions


Learn with Jaspreet Singh, who is currently working as a Cloud Data Architect at Maven Wave Partners. He utilizes the potential of cloud computing and modern data storage, engineering, consumption, visualization and mining methodologies. He has gained more than 10 years of experience in this domain through working with leading Companies such as Tavant, Emerson, Barclay etc.

DataHour Session: How to tackle Overfitting?

Have you ever encountered a model that fits well in training but underperforms when used with test data? This condition is what we call Overfitting. This DataHour session will cover this problem and various ways to tackle this situation. The speaker will also provide you with tips and tricks through which you can minimize the problem.

overfitting | DataHour Sessions


Learn the art of tackling overfitting with SubhodeepMukherjee. Subhodeep is working as a Data scientist at Amazon. He has completed his master’s from the Reputed Indian Statistical Institute in statistics which affirms his Domain knowledge and clarity of concepts. And holds experience working with leading companies like Citi, ITC Infotech etc.


So, If you want to enhance your knowledge of Data Science, Don’t miss this amazing opportunity of learning directly from the industry experts, register now. For any queries regarding the session or the topics, please contact us at [email protected], or ask directly to the speaker during the session. If you skip any part of the session, ‘The DataHour,’ you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or read the synopsis here.


Suppose you’re having trouble enrolling or would like to conduct a session with us. Contact us at [email protected].

Deeksha Rana 16 Sep, 2022

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