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Currently, most businesses and big-scale companies are generating and storing a large amount of data in their data storage. Many companies are there which are completely data-driven. Businesses and companies are using data to get some insights about the progress and future steps which should be followed for the growth of the business.

In this article, we will study the data lineage and its process, the major reasons behind businesses investing in it, and the benefits of it, with its core intuition. This article will help one understand the whole data lineage process and its applications related to business problems.

What is Data Lineage?

Data lineage is a process of getting an idea about where the data is coming from, analyzing it, and consuming it. It reveals where the data has come from and how it has evolved through its lifecycle. It traces where the data was generated and the steps in between it went through. A clear flowchart for each step helps the user understand the entire process of the data lifecycle, which can enhance the quality of the data and risk-free data management.

Data Lineage

The main objective of it is to track the data from where it has been generated and the path it follows throughout its lifecycle.

Some significant data-driven companies like Netflix, Google, Coca-cola, Microsoft, and Uber use data lineage for many purposes. As it allows these companies to track and solve the problems in the path of the data lifecycle, It gives a thorough idea of solutions to errors in the way of the data lifecycle with lower risk and easy solution methods.
It allows them to combine and preprocess the data from source to data mapping framework, and also it will enable companies to perform system migration confidently with lower risk.

Why Are Businesses Eager to Invest in Data Lineage?

Just the information about the source of the data is not enough to understand the importance of the data. Some preprocessing on data, error solution in between the path of data, and getting key insights from the data is also important for a business or company to focus on.

Knowledge about the source, updating of the data, and consumption of the data improves the quality of the data and helps businesses get an idea about further investing in it.

Data Lineage

There are some advantages of data lineage because of which businesses are investing in it.

  • Profit Generation: For every organization, generating revenue is the primary need to grow the business. The information tracked from data lineage helps improve risk management, data storage, migration process, and hunting of some bugs in between the path of the data lifecycle, etc. Also, the insights from the data lineage process help the organizations understand the scope of profit and can generate revenue.
  • Reliance on the data: Good quality data always helps to keep the business running and improving. All the fields or departments, including IT, Human resources, and marketing, can be enhanced through data lineage, and companies can rely on data to improve and keep tracking things.
  • Better Data Migration: There are some cases where there is a need to transfer the data from one storage to another. The data migration process carries out very carefully as there is a high amount of risk involved in it. When the IT department needs to migrate the data, data lineage can provide all the information about the data for the soft data migration process.

Benefits of Data Lineage

There are some obvious benefits of the data lineage, which is why businesses are eager to invest in the same.

Some major benefits are listed below.

Data Lineage

1. Better Data Governance:

Data governance is the process in which data is governed, and analysis of the source of the data, the risk attached to it, data storage, data pipelines, and data migration is performed. Better data lineage can help conduct better data governance. Good quality of it can provide all this information about the data from its source to consumption and help achieve a better data governance process.

2. Better compliance and risk management

Major data-driven companies have a huge amount of data, which is tedious to handle and keep organized. There are some cases where there is a need for data transformation or preprocessing data; during these types of processes, there is a huge risk involved lose the data. Better data lineage can help the organization keep the data organized and reduce the risk involved in the process of migration or preprocessing.

3. Quick and easy root cause analysis

During the entire data lifecycle, many steps are in between, and many bugs and errors are involved. With a good-quality data lineage, it can help businesses to find the cause of the error easily and solve it efficiently with less amount of time.

4. Easy visibility of the data

In a data-driven organization, due to a very high amount of data stored, it is necessary to have easy visibility of the data to access it quickly while spending less time searching for it. Good-quality data lineage can help the organization access the data quickly with easy data visibility.

5. Risk-free data migration

There are some cases where data-driven companies or organizations need the migrations of the data due to some errors occurring in existing storage. Data migration is a very risky and hectic process with a higher rate of data loss risk involved. Data lineage can help these organizations conduct a risk-free data migration process to transfer the data from one to another data storage.


In this article, we discussed data lineage and its benefits with its core intuition and several reasons for being so popular quickly. Knowing data lineage and its uses in current business scenarios is very important and a must-know hot topic related to data and its applications.

Some Key Takeaways from this article are:

1. Data lineage is one of the very crucial steps to follow in the current business scenario.

2. Due to the enormous benefits like better data governance, risk-free management, and easy access, one of the top companies has used and benefitted from it.

3. Data lineage is a proven no-brainer for companies with varying data and multiple data sources.

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