Stability AI’s StableLM to Rival ChatGPT in Text and Code Generation

Yana Khare 21 Apr, 2023
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Expanding the AI Horizon: Introducing StableLM

Stability AI, the company behind the innovative AI image generator Stable Diffusion, is now open-sourcing its language model, StableLM. Rivaling StableLM is designed to compete with ChatGPT’s capabilities for efficiently generating text and code. It is extensively trained on the open-source dataset known as the Pile. It also includes information from various sources such as Wikipedia, Stack Exchange, and PubMed.

Stability AI, the maker of Stable Diffusion, introduces StableML, a ChatGPT rival with its extensive database.

Available Models and Future Developments

Currently, Stability AI offers StableLM models with 3 billion to 7 billion parameters. The company plans to launch models with 15 to 65 billion parameters in the future. The release of the open-source large language models (LLMs) in the StableLM suite is an exciting development for the AI community. Developers can now access and adapt these models on GitHub, enabling a broader range of applications and integrations.

Exploring StableLM’s Potential

StableMLhas the potential to explore its text-to-image AI

Stability AI has provided multiple ways to explore its text-to-image AI. It also includes a public demo, a software beta, and a full model download. This approach encourages developers to experiment with the tool and create various integrations. A demo of StableLM’s fine-tuned chat model is available on Hugging Face for users who want to try it out.

Addressing Bias and Toxicity Concerns

Stability AI acknowledges that while the datasets it uses can help guide base language models into “safer” text distributions, not all biases and toxicity can be eliminated through fine-tuning. The company urges users to exercise caution and employ the models responsibly.

Licensing and Usage Terms

Developers are free to inspect, use, and adapt the StableLM base models for commercial or research purposes under the terms of the CC BY-SA-4.0 license. In addition, Stability AI has released a set of research models with fine-tuned instructions. These models utilize a combination of five recent open-source datasets for conversational agents: Alpaca, GPT4All, Dolly, ShareGPT, and HH. These fine-tuned models are intended for research use only and are released under a noncommercial CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, in line with Stanford’s Alpaca license.

Impact of StableLM on the AI Landscape

In 2022, Stability AI introduced Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion is a ground-breaking image model that is a transparent, open, and scalable alternative to proprietary AI. The launch of the StableLM suite of models further demonstrates the company’s commitment to making foundational AI technology accessible to all.

StableLM models can generate text and code, powering a range of downstream applications. The models also showcase how smaller, efficient models can deliver high performance with the right training.

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Our Say

The release of StableLM marks another significant step in the evolution of AI technology. Additionally, it is also said to rival ChatGPT. As open-source models become more widely available, developers will have the opportunity to harness these tools to create innovative applications and integrations, further pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve.

StableLM by Stability AI marks another significant step in the evolution of AI technology

As the AI landscape continues to expand and evolve, it is crucial to prioritize addressing biases, toxicity, and ethical considerations while making these powerful tools available for diverse applications. With the launch of StableLM, Stability AI demonstrates its commitment to shaping the future of AI in a responsible and innovative manner.

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Yana Khare 21 Apr, 2023

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