Ukraine to Use Data Science to Prosecute War Crimes Committed by Russia

Yana Khare 25 Apr, 2023 • 2 min read
Ukraine is partnering with Palantir Technologies to prosecute the alleged war crimes committed by Russia.

Ukraine is partnering with Palantir Technologies, a US-based data analytics provider, to prosecute the alleged war crimes committed by Russia. The collaboration aims to help Ukraine build a case against its neighboring country that invaded it over a year ago. Palantir’s software will enable investigators across Europe to gather and analyze data related to the crimes reported in Ukraine. This move highlights the trend of governments using technology and data science to streamline legal proceedings.

Data Science to Analyze Vast Amount of Evidence

Data Science to Analyze Vast Amount of Evidence to Use Against Russia

Palantir’s software will combine intelligence and satellite imagery to develop a map of evidence that will establish the proximity of Russian equipment to crime scenes or aggregate photographs uploaded on social media by Ukrainians. With this technology, analyzing the vast amount of evidence would be virtually impossible without modern IT solutions, as stated by Andriy Kostin, Ukraine’s prosecutor general.

The Effort Required and Reason Behind Using Data Science

It is worth noting that a U.N.-mandated investigative body accused Russia of war crimes last month. However, its chair clarified that they had not found any evidence of genocide, which is currently under investigation by Ukraine.

The software will process data relating to allegations of unlawful killing, rape, torture, and destruction among the more than 78,000 crimes reported in Ukraine since Russia invaded. A successful prosecution would involve overcoming overlapping court jurisdictions and providing evidence despite limited access to suspects or crime scenes. Ukraine is turning to technology to address this task.

Palantir has not charged Ukraine for the war crimes work, said a company spokesperson. However, given the scale of the project, it could generate considerable revenue for the software firm in the future.

Implications of the Collaboration Between Ukraine and Palantir Technologies

Collaboration between Ukraine and Palantir Technologies to streamline legal proceedings

This collaboration between Ukraine and Palantir Technologies will likely encourage other countries to consider using technology to streamline legal proceedings. As cybercrime continues to pose significant threats globally, companies using data science and providing IT solutions to combat the issue will benefit in the long term. Palantir’s software is versatile and can be used across various sectors, making it an attractive option for governments worldwide.

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Our Say

Ukraine’s collaboration with Palantir Technologies highlights the growing trend of governments turning to technology to streamline legal proceedings. With its software, Palantir is helping Ukraine build a case by processing data related to war crimes committed by Russia. The move will likely inspire other nations to consider implementing IT solutions in their legal processes, leading to more collaborations between governments and technology companies.

Yana Khare 25 Apr 2023

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