ChatGPT Without Internet: Access AI Chatbot on Your Phone

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 09 May, 2023 • 3 min read

In recent years, chatbots have become increasingly popular as a tool for simplifying day-to-day tasks. ChatGPT is an innovative and powerful AI chatbot that has revolutionized our interactions with technology. However, the one downside of this cloud-based chatbot is that it always requires internet connectivity. But what if you could use ChatGPT without internet connectivity on your phone? This is where the MLC LLM app comes in.

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, without internet, using MLC LLM app

What is ChatGPT Without Internet?

The MLC LLM app is an open-source project developed by an MLC AI team. They have repurposed ChatGPT to work on a phone, letting users use the AI chatbot without internet connectivity on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This app is a game-changer for those who want to use ChatGPT on the go but are hindered by poor internet connectivity.

Downloading and Using MLC LLM

The MLC LLM app is unavailable for download directly from the App Store. Instead, users can access it through TestFlight. TestFlight is a service that allows developers to distribute beta versions of their apps to a limited number of users for testing purposes.

The app is sized 4GB, which is significant considering most apps take up less than 100MB. Due to its size, downloading the app may take some time, so be prepared for a lengthy wait. Once downloaded, installing the app is straightforward. Just follow the instructions provided during the installation process.

Alternatively, users can use MLC LLM on Windows, Linux, and web browsers. However, setting them up on these operating systems can be somewhat complicated.

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Using MLC LLM is easy and intuitive. Once installed, users can open the app and start using ChatGPT like on the cloud-based version. Users can ask ChatGPT anything, from simple queries to complex tasks. However, one major downside of MLC LLM is that it is reportedly prolonged. It sometimes takes over 5 minutes to answer even basic questions. This is because running an AI as powerful as ChatGPT on a device as tiny as a phone requires significant processing power.

Future of LLMs

Regardless, the MLC LLM app is a good demonstration of the future of LLMs (large language models). As LLMs grow smaller and phones become more powerful, we will soon see the day when every phone comes with a preinstalled chatbot.

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Benefits of Using MLC LLM

The benefits of using MLC LLM are apparent. Users can use ChatGPT without internet connectivity, making it ideal for those who don’t have stable internet access or are always on the go. It is also an excellent alternative for those who don’t trust cloud-based services with their data. By running ChatGPT on your device, you won’t have to worry about your data being stored on third-party servers.

Learn about the benefits of using MLC and LLM | chatgpt without internet

MLC LLM is also open-source, meaning users can modify and improve the code according to their needs. This feature makes it ideal for developers and those who want to experiment with AI chatbots.

Our Say

ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and powerful AI chatbots. However, its reliance on internet connectivity can hinder some users. The MLC LLM app solves this problem by allowing users to use ChatGPT even without internet connectivity on their phones. Although the app is reportedly very slow, it serves as a good demonstration of what the future of LLMs might look like. As LLMs grow smaller and phones grow more powerful, we may see AI chatbots become a standard feature in every phone.

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