OpenAI Explores Wikipedia-like Model to Democratize AI Decision-Making

Yana Khare 26 May, 2023 • 3 min read

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is exploring ways to gather broad input on decisions impacting its artificial intelligence. The company’s president, Greg Brockman, revealed his plans at the AI Forward event in San Francisco. He stated that OpenAI is exploring a Wikipedia-like Model to democratize AI decision-making. The event was hosted by Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) and SV Angel. The event brought together key figures from the technology and finance industries to discuss the future of AI.

Democratic Decision-Making for AI Regulation

Democratic Decision-Making for AI Regulation | Greg Brockman, President of OpenAI | Future of AI | Wikipedia-like Model

In his talk, Brockman talked about how OpenAI is seeking regulation of AI globally, and one of the ideas he previewed is similar to the model of Wikipedia. According to him, this model requires people with diverse views to coalesce and agree on specific entries. “We’re starting to think about democratic decision-making,” he said.

Governments Working Together

Governments Working Together | Future of AI | Collaboration | OpenAI | Wikipedia-like Model

Another idea Brockman discussed at the event, which OpenAI elaborated on in a blog post Monday, is that governments worldwide should coordinate to ensure AI is developed safely. AI technology that can spin uncannily authoritative prose from text prompts has captivated the public, making the program the fastest-growing app. However, AI has also become a focus of concern over its ability to create deepfake pictures and other misinformation.

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Learning From Other Fields

Greg Brockman looked at Wikipedia and other areas when assessing the path forward for AI. He and other key figures at OpenAI wrote in the blog that a body like the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) could place restrictions on deployment, vet compliance with safety standards, and track usage of computing power.

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Sam Altman Proposes Ideas to US Lawmakers for Setting Guardrails for Artificial Intelligence

Sam Altman Proposes Ideas to US Lawmakers for Setting Guardrails for Artificial Intelligence | OpenAI | Future of AI

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman proposed various ideas to US lawmakers last week for setting guardrails for artificial intelligence. These include requiring licenses to develop the most sophisticated AI models and establishing a related governance regime. Altman is also visiting European policymakers this week.

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Our Say

As AI evolves rapidly, it’s essential to implement measures that ensure its safety and ethical use. OpenAI’s exploration of Wikipedia-like model for democratic decision-making for AI regulation could be a significant step in achieving this goal. Governments working together to ensure the development of AI is done safely is another crucial element in safeguarding its use. The ideas proposed by OpenAI’s leadership show an eagerness to learn from other fields, which is vital to create a safe and responsible future for AI.

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Yana Khare 26 May 2023

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