AI for Aquaculture: Startup is Changing the Game for Fish Farmers Worldwide

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 08 Jun, 2023 • 4 min read

Josef Melchner, a marine biology student passionate about nature and practical solutions, has revolutionized the aquaculture industry. As the CEO of GoSmart, an Israel-based startup, Melchner utilizes the power of AI and machine learning to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of fish farming. With fully autonomous systems powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform, GoSmart transforms how fish farmers operate, ensuring optimal fish health, reduced costs, and increased productivity. Let’s learn more about ai in aquaculture!

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GoSmart brings NVIDIA-powered systems to revolutionize aquaculture, helping farmers ensure optimal fish health and increase productivity.

GoSmart’s Innovative AI in Aquaculture Approach

GoSmart has joined forces with the NVIDIA Metropolis vision AI partner ecosystem and the NVIDIA Inception program to develop cutting-edge technology for fish farming. The company offers compact, energy-efficient systems that can be attached to aquaculture cages, ponds, or tanks. These systems are compact, being no larger than a soda bottle. They leverage AI algorithms and analyze crucial parameters such as fish weight, population distribution, temperature, and oxygen levels in real-time.

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Enhancing Fish Feeding and Harvesting

GoSmart’s software-as-a-service provides fish farmers with accurate and efficient guidance on feeding and harvesting their fish. Farmers can determine the ideal feeding quantities and timings by analyzing the data collected by AI-powered systems. This results in cost savings and reduced organic matter in the aqua environment. With this technology, GoSmart empowers fish farmers to optimize their operations and minimize waste.

NVIDIA-powered AI systems helps farmers operate, ensuring optimal fish health, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

Sustainable Expansion in Southern Europe

Skretting, one of the world’s largest fish feed producers, has already embraced GoSmart’s innovative systems. Skretting has deployed GoSmart systems across eight southern European countries as part of its commitment to sustainable production. This partnership aims to provide farmers personalized, digitalized information, fostering responsible and eco-friendly aquaculture practices.

NVIDIA-powered systems help expand fish farming in Europe.

Addressing the Environmental Impact of Overfishing

GoSmart recognizes the urgent need to address overfishing and its detrimental impact on the environment. Josef Melchner emphasizes that marine protein should follow the path of land-based protein sources, such as cattle and poultry, which are predominantly farmed. By implementing AI-powered solutions, GoSmart aims to decrease reliance on wild fish capture and protect the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Sustainable Aquaculture

GoSmart’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond AI systems. The company utilizes lithium-ion batteries charged by solar panels, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Additionally, their power-management software allows the systems to enter sleep mode, shut down, wake up, and perform tasks autonomously as needed. GoSmart’s dedication to sustainable practices sets them apart as leaders in the aquaculture industry.

AI-powered management systems, solar panels, and other technology used in aquaculture.

Expanding Capabilities and Future AI in Aquaculture Innovations

GoSmart continuously strives to enhance its AI systems and provide fish farmers with comprehensive solutions. In addition to analyzing vital factors like fish behavior and disease indicators, the company is evaluating the Jetson Orin lineup of modules for even more advanced capabilities. GoSmart’s extensive training in AI algorithms, based on the analysis of thousands of fish, ensures accurate and reliable results for fish farmers.

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Optimizing Fish Farming Operations

Through the implementation of GoSmart technology, fish farmers can expect numerous benefits. The systems can potentially reduce fish feed by up to 15%, resulting in significant cost savings. Furthermore, GoSmart’s technology has been proven to accelerate fish growth and reduce time to market by an entire month. These advancements contribute to a more efficient and profitable aquaculture industry.

GoSmart technology is set to revolutionize aquaculture with its AI-based platforms.

Paving the Way for Future Aquaculture

Josef Melchner envisions a future where aquaculture is revolutionized. GoSmart aims to integrate its systems into every cage, pond, and tank worldwide, becoming an integral part of the aquaculture industry. The company is actively working on integrating AI models that analyze fish behavior and disease indicators. Furthermore, GoSmart aims to develop an autonomous feeding barge that provides precise and timely feeding to fish, further optimizing the farming process.

What’s Next for AI in Aquaculture?

With GoSmart’s AI-powered systems, fish farming is undergoing a transformative change. By leveraging cutting-edge technology backed by NVIDIA, fish farmers can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. GoSmart’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility positions them as pioneers in the aquaculture industry, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for both fish farmers and the planet.

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