How to Become Amazon Data Scientist in 2023?

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Most businesses currently generate, compile, and manage enormous volumes of data. Yet, most of them lack the knowledge to fully utilize every bit of the data they have collected. Data scientists come into play in this scenario. Data scientists, an emerging class of analytical data specialists, are an increasingly important player in businesses. Amazon is recognized to be among the best companies for data scientists to pursue careers because of its attractive salary and interesting career prospects. 

What is the Role of a Data Scientist at Amazon?

Amazon data scientist job role
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The role and responsibilities of an Amazon data scientist are as follows: 

  1. A data scientist’s job at Amazon is to balance business and technological expertise.
  2.  The goal of an Amazon data scientist is to develop and enhance technologies that can help business models operate in an efficient manner that meets the most achievable objectives. 
  3.  Amazon employs data scientists who are cooperative. Each team completes a distinct project. No matter your skills or expertise, you should always realize that you do not stand solo in what you choose to do. 
  4.  Scientists employ statistical and analytical techniques and AI tools to automate some organizational functions and provide clever solutions to business-related challenges. After analyzing the data, they present the findings understandably and interestingly.
  5.  They create algorithms to train Alexa to comprehend individual requests and commands and use AI to help Amazon Web Services users create customized ML models.

Skills Required to Become Amazon Data Scientist 

The major skills required to become an Amazon data scientist are as follows: 

  1. Functional programming languages and statistical analysis packages, including R, Stata, MATLAB, SQL, Python, C++, and Java.
  2. Data mining and database expertise using large-scale, complex datasets in an organization setting.
  3. Practical knowledge of data extraction, data analysis, and communications in an analytical operation.
  4. It is preferred to have candidates with a Ph.D. in statistics, data analysis, ML, or a related subject. OR A master’s degree in economics, computer engineering, physics, mathematics, statistics, or another related field, or equivalent work experience.

How to Get Relevant Skills? 

An individual who wants to work as an Amazon data scientist needs expertise in several technical skills apart from master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Various courses and programs on the internet can help you gain expertise in specific fields, but choosing the best course can be overwhelming. The certified AI and ML Blackbelt Plus program by Analytics Vidya can help you gain important skills needed to become an Amazon data scientist. The features of this incredible program include the following: 

  • 500+ learning hours 
  • More than 50 real-world projects
  • Extensive curriculum with the latest technologies
  • One-on-one mentorship sessions 
  • Expertise in 22+ tools 
  • Resume and interview preparation
  • Create your portfolio 
  • More than 35 assignments and worksheets 
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Different Data Science Roles at Amazon 

The different roles for working in Amazon data science are as follows: 

Data Analyst

The primary responsibilities of this position include forecasting, identifying strategic possibilities, and providing knowledgeable business insights. Business intelligence is centered around making forecasts and identifying fresh prospects in business planning. It can often be necessary to have knowledge of data warehousing and use Tableau and other data visualization platforms.

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Data Scientist

The most prevalent position is that of the data scientist, which requires delving into vast data sets to create sizable experimental frameworks and simulations, create optimization techniques, and utilize cutting-edge technologies across Amazon. Amazon data scientists work with a worldwide data set.

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Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer in the Amazon Business Data Analytics and Insights (ABDAI) team, an applicant will work in one of the world’s biggest cloud-based data lakes. They must be knowledgeable about the architecture of business data warehousing solutions employing various technologies. 

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Machine Learning Research Scientist

This role concentrates on pioneering studies in areas like social networking sites, video recommendations, neural networks, NLP, and streaming data evaluation. Qualified researchers for this position typically have extensive artificial intelligence understanding and are typically well-known experts with PhDs in related subjects.

Amazon Interview Process

The Amazon data science interview procedure includes an initial phone interview, technical phone screens, behavioral phone screens, and a final in-person interview. 

#Round 1 – HR Interview

A 20–30 minute basic discussion with an Amazon recruiter or HR representative to discover further information about you, your background, and your potential in the role. The hiring supervisor will review the details and explain how the interview process will proceed.

#Round 2 – Technical Screening

During the Amazon data scientist technical interview, the company assesses a candidate’s proficiency in programming languages like Python, Java, and SQL. It ensures that an applicant has expertise in math, statistics, data mining, data extraction processes, and the complete data flow. It also tests candidates’ proficiency with data visualization and machine learning tools. You can prepare for two coding questions, one SQL question, a machine learning conceptual query, and an algorithmic coding style question on the technical screen.

#Round 3 – In-Person Interview

You might undergo 5–6 in-person or online interviews while applying for this position. They will last between 45 and 60 minutes and will evaluate you on various facets of the job. Behavioral screening aims to better understand candidates, evaluate their communication abilities, assess how they address problems, and observe instances of the 14 leadership principles in practice.  

The interview process at Amazon for Data Science profiles can be different. You can refer to the job roles and their selection process here!

Common Interview Question

Amazon data scientist interview questions
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Numerous questions can be asked to applicants in an Amazon data science interview. Some of the questions that can be asked for the position of Amazon data scientist are as follows: 

  1. What do discriminative and generative algorithms do? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What kinds of algorithms are typically employed, and why?
  2. Write a program to determine whether a smaller string may be formed from letters in a larger string provided a large string and a shorter string.
  3. Use an effective method to implement the intersection and union of two arrays. The elements in the two supplied arrays can be repeated, but not in the union and intersection arrays.
  4. Tell me about an instance when you resolved a customer’s issue, and describe any challenges you experienced. 
  5. Assume that you raise the minimum sample size per leaf in terminal nodes. What happens to the variance and bias in a random forest model?
  6. How does a linear model’s underlying assumption change in the instance of an outlier?
  7. How do you assess the findings of an OLS regression?
  8. List the five fundamental assumptions of linear regression.
  9. What algorithm would you apply to generate a list of randomized 1s and 0s if you were provided an unfair coin with a probability of heads less than or equal to.5?
  10. How is K-means implemented? Which distance measure would you use?

Tips on Clearing Amazon Interview Process 

Here are some tips that can help you during the interview for AWS data scientist or Amazon data scientist:

  1. Don’t forget to catch up on streamlining queries, solving algorithms, and knowing how numerous machine learning methods operate.
  2. Amazon evaluates every applicant based on its 14 principles of leadership. Commit to jot down all 14 leadership concepts. Evaluate your prior projects or accomplishments and how you have implemented those principles.
  3. Evaluate your understanding of modeling, machine learning, and business-related issues. Amazon will probably give you a variety of hypothetical case scenarios in which they’ll want you to use machine learning in a professional setting.
  4. Don’t forget to explain your strategy and thought process as you work through the coding and SQL questions. Maintain a casual tone during the interview and express your ideas as you answer the questions.
  5. Make a brief yet powerful elevator presentation. Discuss a topic that isn’t included in your resume. Maintain your composure and make a good impression throughout the call. Prepare a concise response to the questions “Why Amazon?” and “What regarding the job that you are applying for interests you?”.

Amazon Data Scientist Earnings Level

Amazon data scientists’ salaries vary depending on experience, skill level, education, and region. If someone is eligible for yearly bonuses or stock awards, their average total pay may also differ significantly. The salary for Amazon data science jobs in some countries is as follows:

CountryAverage Annual Amazon Data Scientist Salary
UAEAED 240,000
AustraliaA$80,000 – A$100,000 
Source: Glassdoor


With its incredible workforce from all divisions, Amazon is one of the largest businesses dominating the globe. Data scientists will acquire all the required skills and expertise working for an organization like Amazon. Discovering solutions to fresh, exciting business problems is the core of data science. Amazon data scientists are on the ideal path and have the best job possibilities.

Kickstart your journey towards Amazon Data Scientist career by taking up our course on certified AI and ML Blackbelt Plus program!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How to become a data scientist for Amazon?

A. An applicant needs to have a Ph.D. in machine learning, data analysis, statistics, etc., to be considered for a position as a data scientist at Amazon. Their arithmetic abilities will be just as important as their programming abilities.

Q2. Does Amazon hire a fresher data scientist?

A. Amazon’s hiring standards are very demanding regarding the technological field. To become an Amazon Data Scientist, you must have a Ph.D. in statistics, data analysis, ML, or a related study. Your mathematics abilities will be equally essential as your technical coding ability. Strong analytical abilities, business data tools, ETL, statistical modeling, and data mining are all needed.

Q3. What do data scientists do at Amazon?

A. Amazon data scientists serve as a bridge between the company, clients, and technological solutions. They offer insightful analysis that helps make choices and develop client solutions by modeling and converting datasets.

Q4. What is the salary of Amazon ads data scientists?

A. The salary starts at $88,123 per year and, depending on the seniority, can go up to $167,246 annually. 

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