Microsoft’s AI Bing Chat Now Responds to Voice Commands

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 12 Jun, 2023 • 3 min read

Microsoft, a leader in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), has made a groundbreaking announcement today. Users can now utilize the power of AI in Bing Chat to communicate with voice commands. This exciting development takes communication to new heights by allowing users to simply speak their queries instead of typing them. In this article, we explore Microsoft’s latest innovation and how it transforms the way we interact with the AI.

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Voice-Powered Communication

Microsoft introduces a game-changing feature in Bing Chat, enabling users to communicate through voice commands. With a simple tap on the microphone icon within the chat, users can now ask questions and initiate conversations using their own voice, eliminating the need for typing.

Microsoft's AI now responds to voice commands.

Taking Conversations to the Next Level

In a recent blog post, Microsoft expressed its enthusiasm for leveraging voice inputs to facilitate smartphone chats. Now, the company is elevating the experience further by incorporating the microphone icon directly into Bing Chat. This enhancement signifies Microsoft’s commitment to seamless and effortless communication.

Multilingual Support and Expansion

The voice command feature in Bing Chat is initially available in languages such as German, Mandarin, English, and French. Microsoft has plans to expand language support in the future, encompassing a wide range of diverse languages. This inclusivity ensures that users worldwide can benefit from voice-powered communication.

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Bing Chat's new voice command supports multiple languages.

Voice Replies and Text-to-Speech Support

Users not only have the ability to ask questions through voice commands but can also reply using their own voices. Bing Chat supports speech-to-text technology, allowing users to respond to queries in their own unique tones. This innovative feature adds a personal touch to conversations and enhances the user experience.

Microsoft adds speech-to-text feature to Bing Chat.

Enhanced Visuals and Extended Chat Limits

Microsoft continues to enhance Bing Chat’s capabilities. The integration of the AI tool into Bing has paved the way for the Image Creator by Bing. This feature is particularly useful for travel-related inquiries, providing users with visuals and accompanying links for detailed information. Moreover, the number of turns allowed per Bing Chat has increased from 20 to 30, while the daily number of turns has significantly risen to 300.

Seamless Conversation Continuity

Microsoft ensures that conversations and exchanges within Bing Chat are not limited by time or volume. The new chat limits apply to both ongoing chats and past exchanges stored in the chat history. Users can revisit previous conversations, picking up right where they left off, creating a seamless and uninterrupted communication experience.

Embracing Innovation

Microsoft’s Bing Chat has garnered praise since its initial launch in February. The software giant continuously unveils new and exciting features that captivate users’ attention. Recent additions, such as sidebar chats and integration with Windows 11 search, have further solidified Bing Chat’s position as a top communication tool. Microsoft’s dedication to innovation is evident as it introduces cutting-edge advancements to enhance user satisfaction.

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Microsoft's AI, Bing Chat, now responds to voice commands.

Our Say

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat has revolutionized communication by incorporating voice commands, allowing users to effortlessly interact with the platform. With multilingual support, text-to-speech capabilities, enhanced visuals, and extended chat limits, Bing Chat offers an immersive and convenient experience. As Microsoft continues to push the boundaries of AI technology, users can look forward to even more exciting features and advancements in the future. Embrace the power of voice and unlock a new level of communication with Bing Chat.

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