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In a recent announcement, Microsoft has unveiled massive updates to its Edge and Bing Chat features, signaling a new era in the search engine’s capabilities. These updates have added several new features that are set to make searching and browsing more visual, intuitive, and powerful. The move is another blow to Google as Microsoft continues to innovate and stay ahead of its competitors in AI.

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Microsoft has announced massive updates to its Edge search engine and Bing Chat feature, making it a formidable competitor in AI.

Removal of the Waitlist

One of the most significant updates is the removal of the waitlist. Previously, access to this feature was restricted, but now it’s available to anyone with a Microsoft account. This means you can access all the new features of Bing Chat, including image and video answers, plugins, & chat history.

Making Search More Visual

Bing has always been innovative with its visual features, such as Knowledge Cards and visual search. However, the latest update takes this feature to the next level by introducing richer, more visual answers. These include charts and graphs and updated formatting of answers, making it easier to find the information you seek.

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Redesigned Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is expanding what’s possible with multi-modal capabilities and beginning the work to incorporate visual search in chat. This new feature will let users upload images and search the web for related content.

Microsoft is redesigning its Edge search engine for a better AI-powered experience.

Microsoft is also redesigning its Edge search engine, where one in four Bing chats originate. Users will notice a more refined and improved user experience once these improvements take effect. This includes a streamlined appearance, rounded corners, organized containers, and semi-transparent visual elements.

Chat History and Export Functionality

Two of the most requested features were maintaining access to the chat history and being able to share and export it. Soon, chat history will be available, enabling users to pick up from where they left off and return to earlier conversations in Bing chat. Users will be able to simply share their talks with others on social media or keep refining a recently discovered concept thanks to the addition of export and share options.

Improved Summarization Capabilities

It will soon be simpler to consume dense online content with new summary features in Microsoft Edge chat for lengthy publications, including PDFs and longer-form websites. Additionally, Edge actions will be available in the coming weeks, allowing users to complete even more tasks with fewer steps.

Moving From a Product to a Platform

Microsoft is taking a significant step by turning Bing Chat into a platform for developers, integrating third-party plug-ins, and creating a platform for developers. For instance, if you’re searching for the newest restaurant for dinner, Bing Chat can use OpenTable to help you find and make a reservation. They are working with their partners at OpenAI to make it easier and more consistent for developers to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Responsible AI

Responsible AI is at the center of every new experience built with the new Bing and Edge. Microsoft has continued to implement safeguards to defend against harmful content based on what they learn and see in the preview. In accordance with their AI principles, their teams continue to work on addressing problems like misinformation and disinformation, content blocking, data security, and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminating content.

Updates on Microsoft Bing Chat make it a more responsible AI-powered platform.

Experience the Future of Search Today

If you haven’t yet tried the new Bing and Edge, now is the time to experience firsthand how Microsoft is reinventing search with your copilot for the web. They’ll continue gathering feedback and making rapid adjustments in the preview. The most popular features and improvements have been incorporated into these changes, and new experiences have also been added. By visiting bing.com right now or downloading the Bing mobile app, you can experience the search of the future.

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Our Say

Microsoft’s massive update to Bing chat is a game-changer in the world of search engines. With its new features aimed at improving and simplifying searches, it is sure to make browsing much more comfortable and efficient. The removal of the waitlist means it is accessible to anyone with a Microsoft account, leveling the playing field and giving users more options. As Microsoft continues to innovate and add new capabilities, they’re establishing itself as a formidable competitor in this space.