No More Cheating! Catches AI-Generated Answers in Real-Time!

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 21 Jun, 2023 • 3 min read

In an exciting breakthrough,, has unveiled a new feature that can identify and flag responses created by generative AI models, such as ChatGPT, in real time. is the world’s leading smart chat platform driven by deep-learning AI. This pioneering capability sets apart from its competitors, providing a significant advantage in the realm of AI-powered chat platforms. Let’s dive deeper into this revolutionary development and understand how it can transform the landscape of online chat interviews.

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Unveiling a Game-Changing Functionality’s latest function introduces an unparalleled ability to promptly detect and flag responses sourced from generative AI models. By leveraging their extensive proprietary dataset of over one billion words, collected from a staggering 12 million responses by 2.5 million candidates, has achieved an extraordinary milestone in AI-driven conversational platforms. has launched a proprietary model to detect and flag content generated by AI tools like ChatGPT during online chat interviews.

The Trust of Global Brands

Renowned brands worldwide rely on to expedite and enhance recruitment and promotion processes. Through its conversational Natural Language Processing (NLP) based chat AI interview, screens and evaluates candidates on a large scale. A user-friendly messaging platform facilitates this technique. This new technology eliminates unconscious bias and improves diversity outcomes. It also empowers companies to redirect countless hours spent on candidate screening to more value-added tasks.

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Empowering Candidates for Authentic Responses

The newly introduced feature by prevents candidates from using generative AI tools to respond to prompts within the platform. In real-time, candidates receive alerts when their answers are likely to be AI-generated content (AGC), allowing them the opportunity to revise and provide genuine responses before final submission. If left unchanged, the system promptly notifies the decision-makers about the potential presence of AGC in the candidate’s response, ensuring a thorough review process.'s new AI-generated content detection model encourages candidates to be honest in interviews.

Barb Hyman’s Vision

Barb Hyman, the CEO & founder of, emphasizes the uniqueness of this cutting-edge feature, setting it apart from its competitors. Hyman states, “This is something our competitors can’t do. It’s our competitive moat. While it is possible to detect the use of generative ChatGPT through analysis, we’re conducting it in real time. Our dataset also allows us to readily adapt to new iterations of generative AI.”

Unmatched Accuracy and Expertise’s Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Buddhi Jayatilleke, highlights the rigorous testing process undertaken to ensure the AGC flag’s reliability. The team extensively tested thousands of generated answers using popular generative AI models like GPT-2, GPT-3, and ChatGPT across various prompts linked to different role families. The remarkable achievement of attaining a ROC-AUC (Receiver Operating Characteristic – Area Under the Curve) score of over 95% indicates the classifier’s exceptional accuracy. This remarkable accuracy stems from’s ability to distinguish the nuanced differences between human-written text and the formulaic nature of content generated by AI models, a skill honed by their vast collection of human-written response data.

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Our Say’s innovative feature for detecting AI-generated content in online chat interviews is revolutionizing the field of AI-powered conversational platforms. With an unparalleled ability to identify responses sourced from generative AI models in real time, secures a significant advantage over its competitors. This achievement enhances the integrity of chat-based interviews and provides a more authentic and reliable evaluation of candidates. Stay tuned as continues to push the boundaries of AI innovation, adapting seamlessly to new iterations of generative AI.

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