Top 10 Data Science Startups in USA

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Data science has emerged to be a promising field. Moving beyond the theoretical predictions of its ability to revolutionize human society, numerous startups have come forward to exhibit its immense potential. The article enlists top data science startups in USA.

Top Data Science Startups in USA

Startup NameFunding AmountNo. of yearsSearch Growth
Logz.Io$121.9M (Series E)9Peaked
Featurespace$107.9M (Grant)15Peaked
Zencity$51.2M (Series Unknown)8Exploding
ComplyAdvantage$108.2M (Series C)9Exploding
Databricks$3.5B (Series H)10Exploding
BioCatch$253.7M (Secondary Market)12Regular
Solidus Labs$83.5M (Series B)6Regular
DoiT International$100M (Series A)12Regular
Unsupervised$53.5M (Series B)6Regular
AgriTask$35.1M (Series B)13Peaked
Dune Analytics$79.4M(Series B)5Peaked
Contentsquare$1.4B (Series F)11Exploding
Fivetran$853.1M (Debt Financing)11Exploding
Coin Metrics$59.4M (Series C)6Peaked
Signal AI$101.6M (Series D)10Exploding
Uptake Technologies$218M (Series D)9Peaked
Cyclica$25.6M (Grant)10Regular
Tellius$33M (Series B)7Regular
Metricool$5.5M (Series Unknown)8Exploding
Kinetica$774M 7Regular

Top 10 Data Science Startups in USA

  1. Logz.Io
  2. Featurespace
  3. Zencity
  4. ComplyAdvantage
  5. Databricks
  6. BioCatch
  7. Contentsquare
  8. Fivetran
  9. Signal AI
  10. Metricool

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The SaaS or Software As A Service based company provides cutting-edge specialized services in log management and observability solutions for business. They are of benefit for monitoring cloud-native businesses and securing the environment with comprehensive open-source tools. They promise the conversion of high-cost, low-burden value to high-value and low-cost business outcomes through a focus on logs, metrics and traces. 

Homepage of | Data Science Startups

Role of Data Scientist in

The data scientist team works with DevOps teams for the automation of processes like the extraction of information from huge volumes of data. Their focus is to quickly identify the anomalies using the algorithms, pace up the debugging and troubleshooting for lower interruptions in service and recognize the anomalous data spikes for cost reduction. 

Key Points of

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The company provides services to safeguard the company’s accounts and money. Providing expert-based service in preventing financial crime, they work using behavioral analytics and deep behavioral network technologies. It monitors to detect anomalies and block fraud attacks without harming genuine users. 

Homepage of Featurespace

Role of Data Scientist in Featurespace

They are also focused on data analysis. Data scientists are supposed to generate advanced statistical models and algorithms for the analysis of customer behavior. They are also associated with end-to-end processing and huge dataset modeling. 

Key Points of Featurespace


Zencity is a community engagement platform and GovTech startup powered by AI. The prime focus is to aid the local governments in decision-making based on the resident’s problems. They work through data collection, analysis, and subsequently acting on the information received by more than 150 cities and counties. 

Homepage of Zencity

Role of Data Scientist in Zencity

Focussing on raw data obtained from the general public, the most important tool used here is Natural Language Processing. The requirement and processing of generated data also varies based on specific demands. The data scientists deal with Human-in-the-loop training for categorization models and sentiment analysis.

Key Points of Zencity


It is a RegTech company leveraging the power of AI and ML. They work to recognize and prevent fraud and money laundering activities. ComplyAdvantage identifies criminals and financial risk-associated individuals such as exposed politicians, terrorists and others to avoid potential financial issues. The customers are generally banks, cryptocurrency industries and insurance companies. 

Homepage of ComplyAdvantage | Data Science Startups in USA

Role of Data Scientist in ComplyAdvantage

Working in the finance sector, the ML will be used here for the development of data metrics for different ML modules depending on the specific requirements. The data scientists here also work to generate SassS-based anti-money laundering solutions, entity resolution, adverse media, risk information graphs and other tasks.

Key Points of ComplyAdvantage


Another software platform with services to enhance business operations. They are a unified open analytics platform to provide AI solutions in different aspects to build, deploy, share and maintain enterprise-grade data and analytics. These are further useful to harness the power of big data and make data-driven decisions. The services expand to both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. 

Homepage of Databricks |

Role of Data Scientist in Databricks

The data scientists here deal with transforming data into ideas for product design, formulating customer acquisition and retention strategies and optimizing the efficiency, performance and stability of engineering systems while deploying algorithms to the Databricks platform.

Key Points of Databricks


It is a cyber security company that merges human information with AI to deliver the safety of users and data. They work through human-device interaction analysis to reduce online fraud and cyber threats. The idea is to keep the enhanced user experience untouched while analyzing the physical and cognitive digital behavior of users across the web and mobile channels. 

Homepage of Biocatch | Data Science Startups in USA

Role of Data Scientist in BioCatch

At BioCatch, the data scientists analyze data and develop models to contribute to an organization’s growth and innovation. They develop data-driven solutions and work on statistical models and ML algorithms. Exploratory data analysis and data visualization are also critical expertise utilized in daily tasks. 

Key Points of BioCatch


Using the power of AI, big data and behavioral data, the company offers analytics into the digital experience of businesses. It informs about the intent, behaviors and feelings of users for effective customer experience management. Representing themselves as capable of providing faster growth, happier customers and greater agility, they simultaneously focus on privacy and accessibility as well. 

Homepage of Contentsquare | Data Science Startups in USA

Role of Data Scientist in Contentsquare

Working on the behavioral aspects, the Data scientists at the company contribute to product building to deliver practical insights and recommendations for businesses. They work on the dataset generated through user interaction and digital content. The different projects at the company involve automating UI/UX performance analysis, understanding user behaviors, modeling content and layouts for app/web and characterization of e-commerce products. 

Key Points of Contentsquare


The company helps translocation of data throughout the cloud data platforms. Helping in the time-consuming aspect of business operations, their offerings deal with the automation of ELT processes, including extracts, schema drift and transformations. They provide the effortless transition and replication of data into the warehouse. 

Homepage of Fivetran | Data Science Startups in USA

Role of Data Scientist in Fivetran

Data scientists at Fivertan are concerned with developing prototypes for AI and ML models. They emphasize on areas of predictive and descriptive analytics to identify trends and patterns. They also build and maintain data pipelines and infrastructure. 

Key Points of Fivetran

Signal AI

The startup alters the serving businesses’ course of action by making them aware of the risks and opportunities to help in strategy modification. They aid in decision-making through information on external noise. It is an External Intelligence company that helps to outcompete the competitors.

Homepage of Signal AI | Data Science Startups in USA

Role of Data Scientist in Signal AI

The company works by data extraction from huge datasets to gain meaningful insights. Thus, the data scientists with their team focus on information retrieval and hence NLP, text analytics, topic classification and entity recognition.

Key Points of Signal AI


The startup provides the tool to analyze the digital content or performance of online content digital campaigns. Thus, providing expertise in the marketing and advertising sector, they offer services that guide to strategic development of digital content and campaigns at the company. 

Homepage of Metricool | Data Science Startups in USA

Role of Data Scientist in Metricool

The company acts in the field of user behavior analysis, and hence, the data scientist’s job role focuses on predictive analytics, customer segmentation, sentiment analysis, and campaign optimization through A/B testing. The expected qualification will mainly be in computer vision, recommendation systems, time series forecasting and reinforcement learning.

Key Points of Metricool


Data science is a broad subject encompassing multiple sub-fields and specializations. With a promising approach towards human benefit, the data science startups in USA explored in the article provide innovative and effective usage of functions of data science. The wide utilization is prominent in sectors like finance, growth and expansion of companies and driving the decision-making to align with companies’ goals and objectives. 

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