OpenAI Is Coming to India: Setting Up a Local Team

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OpenAI, the renowned artificial intelligence (AI) company, is making significant strides towards establishing a robust presence in India. According to TechCrunch, Rishi Jaitly who is a former Head of Twitter India, is now a senior advisor to OpenAI, playing a pivotal role in navigating the intricate landscape of Indian policy and regulations. This move is part of OpenAI’s broader strategy to engage with the Indian government and potentially set up a local team in the country.

Facilitating OpenAI’s Entry into India

Sources reveal that Rishi Jaitly, with his extensive experience in public-private partnerships for Google in India and later as the CEO of Times Bridge, is actively advising on establishing crucial connections in India. “While it’s unclear if Jaitly formally holds employment at OpenAI, he became involved after CEO Sam Altman visited New Delhi in June.”

OpenAI India

OpenAI’s Current Status in India

Despite having only obtained a trademark approval earlier this month, OpenAI lacks an official presence in India. Sam Altman’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his world tour hinted at potential announcements, but none have materialized thus far. India is underscored by its recognition of the country’s vast population and its position as the second-largest internet market globally.

OpenAI and India’s AI Landscape

Recent leadership changes at OpenAI, with Altman and board president Greg Brockman briefly departing before returning with a revamped board, have created a buzz. The company’s interest in India coincides with debates about the nation’s AI development lagging due to funding constraints. Critics argue that India’s AI startups, despite raising $4 billion, are still in the early stages compared to their global counterparts.

Regulatory Frontiers and Strategy

With regulatory challenges being one of the final obstacles, OpenAI is strategically focusing on understanding and aligning with India’s evolving regulatory landscape. While an OpenAI investor indicates the company’s view of India as a key market, the current leadership’s commitment to navigating regulations suggests a meticulous approach. The Indian government’s inclination towards international collaboration for AI regulation adds a layer of complexity.

Our Say

OpenAI’s move into India, facilitated by the expertise of Rishi Jaitly, marks a significant step in the company’s global expansion. India’s burgeoning AI landscape presents both challenges and opportunities. As the company navigates regulatory complexities, its commitment to understanding the direction of AI development in India underscores a thoughtful and strategic approach. While Microsoft, OpenAI’s major investor and strategic partner, has a strong foothold in India, OpenAI’s unique focus on AI necessitates a tailored strategy. As the company explores opportunities and establishes connections in India, observers await to see how this strategic move will shape the future of AI development in the country.


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