10 Mind-blowing Use Cases of Llama 3

Aayush Tyagi 05 May, 2024 • 4 min read


Since the release of Meta’s Llama 3, it has sparked a wave of excitement throughout the tech industry. Its capabilities extend far beyond what you might expect.

Brought to you by Gradient with the invaluable support of compute resources from Crusoe Energy, I am thrilled to introduce the latest leap in AI innovation: Llama-3 8B Gradient Instruct 1048k. This enhanced model extends the contextual understanding of Llama-3 8B from 8k to an impressive 1048K. It’s a significant stride forward in AI technology, promising to reshape how we engage with and leverage artificial intelligence in meaningful ways. Further in this article, we will give you 10 mind-blowing use Cases of LLAMA 3, showcasing its potential.

LLama 3

RAG App with Llama-3 Running Locally 

Forget relying on the cloud! Imagine having a powerful information retrieval system at your fingertips. That’s the potential of a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) application powered by Llama-3. This setup lets you run the AI locally on your computer, bringing the power of AI research directly to your desktop.

Superfast Research Assistant Using Llama 3 

Imagine a world where research is effortless. No more spending hours combing through endless articles and textbooks. Enter the Superfast Research Assistant powered by Llama-3. This AI marvel takes the grunt work out of research, saving you time and energy.

This research assistant isn’t just fast; it’s also incredibly versatile. Need a starting point for a research paper? Brainstorming ideas for a project? Llama-3 can be your one-stop shop, empowering you to explore any topic confidently and efficiently.

AI Coding Assistant with Llama 3

For programmers, Llama-3 holds the exciting potential to become a powerful coding companion.

To develop an AI coding assistant using Llama3, start by downloading Llama3 via Ollama, and then integrate a system message to enable it as a Python coding assistant. Next, install the Continue VSCode extension, connect it with my-python-assistant, and activate the tab-autocomplete feature to enhance coding efficiency.

Terminal tool to explain CLI commands

TherapistAI, Powered by Llama3-70B

TherapistAI leverages Llama-3 70B’s massive dataset and advanced language processing capabilities to simulate therapeutic conversations. Users can engage in text-based dialogues, exploring their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. TherapistAI can:

  • Actively Listen: Llama-3 70B can analyze user input and respond in a way that demonstrates understanding and empathy.
  • Identify Patterns: TherapistAI can recognize patterns in a user’s conversations over time, pinpointing areas that might require further exploration.
  • Provide Support: TherapistAI can offer psychotherapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises or mindfulness practices.
  • Guide Users to Resources: TherapistAI can connect users with licensed therapists or mental health hotlines for further support.

Create OpenAI-like API for Llama 3 Deployed Locally

Want to experiment with Llama-3 without relying on external servers? Here’s how to create a local OpenAI-like API for maximum control and experimentation:

Llama-3 shines with frameworks like llama.cpp or Mozilla’s llamafile. These tools translate your API requests into instructions Llama-3 understands, allowing you to interact with the model using familiar OpenAI commands.

By creating a local OpenAI-like API, you unlock the power of Llama-3 for local experimentation and development. While it requires some technical effort, the potential for exploration and innovation makes it worthwhile for enthusiasts and developers alike.

Llama 3 70B on a Single 4GB GPU

Meet LLama 3 70B—a super-efficient computer! Instead of cramming all those layers into memory at once, it uses “layer-wise inference”—tackling one layer at a time and clearing memory afterward. This saves loads of space and makes things super speedy. Plus, with tricks like “flash attention” and “meta device,” it optimizes memory usage even more. And if that’s not enough, it can compress data with “quantization” for extra efficiency.

Llama 3 70B Function Calling

The 70B parameter version of Llama-3 boasts a hidden gem–function calling capability. This innovative feature takes Llama-3 beyond simple text generation and unlocks a whole new level of interaction.

For example, you could write a function that retrieves specific customer data from a database and feeds it into Llama-3. The model can then analyze the data and generate a personalized marketing email.

Function calling empowers Llama-3 to become a true powerhouse, not just for generating text but for understanding and manipulating information in a structured and purposeful way. This paves the way for exciting possibilities in various fields.

Super Fast Video Summaries powered by Llama 3

No more spending hours watching a lecture or documentary! Llama-3, with its advanced video processing capabilities, can revolutionize how you consume video content.

This is just the beginning. Imagine a future where Llama-3 can summarize factual videos and analyze the tone and style of lectures, documentaries, or even movies. It could condense lengthy interviews, highlight funny moments in comedies, or generate emotional summaries of dramas. With Llama-3, video summaries become powerful tools to save time and gain deeper insights from your watch content.

Private LLM on iPhone with Llama-3-Smaug

Developed by Abacus.AI, Llama-3-Smaug is a fine-tuned version of the powerful Meta Llama-3. This fine-tuning focuses on creating engaging, multi-turn dialogues through techniques like Direct Preference Optimisation (DPO) and DPO-Positive (DPOP).

GUI for Fine-tuning the Llama-3 Models

Llama-3 boasts impressive capabilities, but wouldn’t it be amazing to tailor it to your specific needs? The good news is, you can! LLaMA Factory, an open-source project, offers a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows you to fine-tune Llama-3 models on a free Tesla T4 GPU available through Google Colab.


Llama-3, the cutting-edge large language model developed by Meta, is truly pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. It’s proving to be a game-changer in various fields through innovative techniques and versatile applications. From running locally to supercharging research endeavors, from simulating therapeutic conversations to revolutionizing video consumption, Llama-3 is paving the way for a future where AI seamlessly integrates into our daily lives. With llama 3 use cases, vast potential, and endless possibilities, it is set to reshape how we interact with technology and explore the realms of artificial intelligence.

I hope you find these llama 3 use cases helpful, if you have any queries or suggestions comment below. For more articles like this, explore our blog section.

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Aayush Tyagi 05 May 2024

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