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Designation:Product Analyst
Company:1mg Technologies Private Limited
Duration: 2018-07-05 -
Description:Extensively using Python, SQL, Google Analytics for analyzing the impact of product features. Improving Funnel Conversion % by optimizing dropdowns at different steps of user journey. Conducting A/B tests for 1mg Labs from rolling out to deciding success metrics and analyzing results for product changes. Predicted propensity of a Pharmacy user transacting on Labs based on clickstream and transactional data using ML models to optimize customer targeting and transactions. Added additional entry points to increase cross sell among business units by 25%, further optimized current product listings to improve average selling price by 15% for 1mg Labs vertical. Performed unit economics, benefit utilization and similar cohort comparison analysis to find net net incremental benefit per subscription plan sold. Defined business KPIs and built processes around their structured reporting in Tableau.
Course: bachelor ( Bachelor's of Technology )
University:Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Duration: 2014 - 2018