snehanshu Sengupta
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Designation:programmer analyst
Company:cognizant technology solution
Description:Analysis of the requirements to be used for reporting purposes.  Understanding the process followed by Client and creation of Process document for different modules.  Creating a system overview document having the overview of all the existing Client systems along with their functionality details.  Data extraction from existing structure and load the extracted data into the target structure.  Successfully completed the data migration for different subject areas.  Fixed critical issues that were raised subsequently. Experience in Creating and Updating Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes to keep up the SQL Server Performance  Proficient in SQL Server and T-SQL (DDL and DML) in constructing Tables, Normalization techniques on database Tables  Experience in writing complex SQL queries involving multiple tables inner and outer joins  Wrote several SQL Scripts such us finding tables that have Identity Columns, finding tables that do not have primary key
Course: others ( )
University:Vellore institute of technology
Duration: - 2015
Course: others ( )
University:West bengal university of technology
Duration: - 2012
Course: others ( )
University:Vit vellore
Duration: - 2015