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Here is an excellent opportunity for people with less experience as well as with good experience in Modeling & Analytics. Do you want to be involved in multiple Business Analytics projects simultaneously? If so, have a look at the details below.

Designation – Modeling & Analytics team member

About employer Modelytics

Job Description:

Modeling and Analysis is at the heart of what Modelytics does. As a member of the modeling and analysis team you will work on multiple projects simultaneously. You will be closely involved in all stages of the project life cycle.

The role offers great scope for learning on account of two factors – the diversity of business problems that we work on and the analytical depths to which we plunge to provide our clients with the best possible solution. We are driven by a more acute desire for value creation as we are not a cost center. This desire manifests itself in our aggressive pursuit of new techniques and approaches to solving business problems.

Junior Modeler/Fresher:

  • To start with, you will go through an induction program in which you will be exposed to the various tools and techniques as well as the clients and industries we work with. Following this, you will be inducted into projects as a member of the Modeling and Analysis team. Depending upon your performance, within a year you will be placed in the growth trajectory of a senior modeler.

Senior Modeler:

  • You will lead a modeling and analytics team. In this role, you will provide thought leadership on analytical approaches to business problems, as well as guide junior members of your team. As a senior modeler, you will graduate into managing the analytical aspects of service delivery to major clients or lead practice areas within the company.


Problem Definition And Business Analysis

  • You will be responsible for understanding clients’ business problems and defining the analytical approach to solving them

Building Predictive Models

  • Using statistical and other techniques (e.g. Neural Networks) you will be responsible for building predictive models, segmentation schemes etc.

Supporting Project Execution

  • Working with the rest of the project team, your inputs will drive the execution aspects of the solution. You could also be required to execute on projects onsite

Research and Development

  • You will be involved in exploring and developing new techniques (e.g. Bayesian modeling, Support Vector Machines) with a view to incorporating them in the Modelytics toolkit

Knowledge Management And Training

  • Drawing from the Research and Development initiatives, you will be instrumental in building the capability for process improvements/new techniques within the organization

Interested candidates can send their CV’S to [email protected] with subject as Modeler – Modelytics.

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