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Here is the most common list of queries that keeps flowing in from our readers’:

1. I am a fresher, how do I start my career in analytics?

2. Since there are a lot of analytics training providers, which is the best training course for me?

3. I have experience of 3-15 years in IT/Pharma/Electronics industry, now I want to make a career shift to analytics. How can I start accomplish that?

4. How can I get to know about the upcoming jobs in analytics?

and many more…..

Have you ever been in the same dilemma ? Do you have a similar question to ask?


How can you benefit from AV Career Calling ?

There are a lot of people who are trying hard to make a successful career in analytics. But, due to lack of guidance and support, they somehow get stuck at a certain level. From there, reaching onto next level becomes a mystery.

Hence, to unlock such mysterious secrets on your career path, Every Saturday, a panel of analytics experts having more than a decade of experience in data science, analytics, machine learning at Analytics Vidhya, dedicate 4 hours period between 12pm to 4pm to help people wanting to become successful in analytics.

In these 4 hours, you can get all your analytics jobs, best trainings course related doubts/confusion solved.


Is there any cost I need to pay ?

This initiative has been taken up for the welfare of worldwide analytics community. Hence, NO COST is involved in interacting and seeking guidance from experts. There are no hidden cost as well.


How can I connect with the experts?

Calls/ Emails are entertained on FCFS(first come first serve) basis. Incase, the experts are busy, your details will be captured which will be later forwarded to the experts. Then, the experts will reach out to you with the best possible solution to your queries.

Furthermore, you can also connect with us via email. Once we receive your queries, you will get a response from the experts within 24 working hours.


Phone Number: +91 – 124 – 4264086

Email: [email protected]

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  • Ankur Bhargava says:

    I asked a query 9 days back but haven’t received any reply. Please look into this as I need guidance on this.

  • Venkat says:

    Hi Analytics Vidhya,

    Can you please let me know if this event is happening on 30th May?

    If so, how much time do we get for speaking to experts on a call?


  • Venkat says:


    Please note that I’d sent a query through mail on 30th May, not yet received any response.

    It says that the response time from experts is 24 hrs..

    Would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.

    Thank you,

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