R-analyst Cheat sheet: Data Visualization in R

Sunil Ray 24 Sep, 2015 • < 1 min read


Data visualization has become an integral part of data science work flow. Hence, your main tool needs to have strong capabilities on both the fronts – data analysis as well as data visualization. Gone are the days when you could live with a tool which was good only in one of these.

With this change in landscape, R has gained immense popularity because of its awesome data visualization capabilities. With a few lines of code, you can create beautiful charts and data stories. R has awesome libraries to create basic and more evolved visualizations like Bar Chart, Histogram, Scatter Plot, Map visualization, Mosaic Plot and various others. Here is the cheat sheet of popular visualization for representing data. You can keep this handy for your use.

:For those who want to copy the relevant codes, you can download the PDF version of the sheet here.

Comprehensive-Guide-to-Data-Visualization-in--R-------FINAL---- (1)


To view this complete article, visit Comprehensive Guide to Data Visualization in R.

If you wish to gain a complete knowledge on data visualization, here’s the ultimate guide on data visualization.

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Sunil Ray 24 Sep 2015

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hemanth 26 Aug, 2015

as a data analyst my day starts with analytics vidhya :) you people amaze me daily with a fresh and very useful articles :) keep the good work rolling :D

Santosh Singh
Santosh Singh 03 Sep, 2015

Analytics Vidhya is responsible to ignite the interest that i wanted to do professionally. The way you break down things to the very core of a topic without making it complex is applaudable

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