Damn Good Hiring Path to get yourself hired as a Data Scientist

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The race to become a data scientist doesn’t end at just mastering R or Python. In fact, it starts from there. A Data Scientist is majorly characterized by three skills namely decision making, analytical thinking & structured thinking. It is being said, if a person possess these three skills sets, rest everything can be taught in no time.

But what if, you don’t possess any of these or you are not sure if you really have them? I believe that can be learnt too. But, needs a special training. Keep calm, this training is available below for Free!

According to a recent trend, it has been observed that out of every 10 candidates appearing for the job of data scientist, only 1-2 candidates get the job. So, what about the rest? They get rejected! When asked recruiters about the reason of rejection, all of them stated one reason i.e. Lack of Structured Thinking.

I’m sure this would be depressing for candidates. It’s like, you are an avid football fan and yet you don’t know who Lionel Messi is. I’ve met many students who claim to put in 100% efforts to prepare for job interviews, yet they fail to succeed.

In fact, a similar incident happened with Sara, 24 years old aspiring data scientist. Failures couldn’t suppress her ambitions, and she finally grabbed the job of data scientist in one of the largest firms in the world.

Curious to know what is in the guide, which helped her to grab the job ? This guide demonstrates a complete step by step path to get hired as a data scientist. After all, companies don’t just look for knowledge. There are other factors as well, which you might not know, but plays a crucial role in your final selection.

Boost your chances to become a Data Scientist – Download Guide Here

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avcontentteam 26 Aug 2021

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ritesh 29 Sep, 2015

Same story!! The second one happened a lot of time before, now the third one is happening. And the story continues.......

sumalatha 29 Sep, 2015

excellent composition. In the 23rd page the hyperlink training has a spelling mistake. http://analyticsividhya.com/trainings between analytics and vidya, additional "I" entered unnecessarily . Rectify if possible. Thanks you.

Prateek 29 Sep, 2015

The is not working. It opens up a blank page. Please provide an alternate link.

Tammy 30 Sep, 2015

I have read it twice and it is good, for me I am new at the data analytics and need to write an outline on where to begin.

Srihari 05 Oct, 2015

Please check the link. See only a blank page on clicking the link.Please fix as it would be of great help to everyone

Faiz Mohd
Faiz Mohd 19 Sep, 2017

Terrific Article.. It is very subtle with the every aspects covered which one needs to keep in mind.. This is like Hitting a Bulls Eye right there... (Only if you have the acumen and persistence to work as Arjun :) ) Thanks AV group for sharing the article.

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