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Quick Insights: India Analytics and Big Data Salary Report 2016

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There are several burning questions which run down in the mind of an experienced / aspiring analytics professionals. The popular ones are:

  1. Which analytics tool should I learn now?
  2. How much a fresher earns in analytics / data science companies in India  ?
  3. Which city has the most opportunities for someone having skills set like me ?
  4. Can I find a better job in my current city or should I relocate ?
  5. How much salary should I be getting right now ?

And many more…

After the US, India has the largest demand of analytics & data science professionals. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc are leading the way right now. The unique fusion of big data and machine learning has promised a bright future for IT professionals in our country and around the world. As a result, more and more people are shifting their jobs and striving to get a head start in analytics industry.

We (Analytics Vidhya) along with Jigsaw Academy have created a salary report which provides a comprehensive overview of current trends, skills, salary earned, companies and many other factors which can play a crucial role in writing your success story in analytics.

We have created an exclusive infographic which highlights the major insights generated from this report. For view these insights in detail, you can download the complete report below.

( Click To Enlarge )

big data and analytics salary report 2016



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