How to start a career in Business Analytics?

Kunal Jain 27 Aug, 2021 • 4 min read

Every time I attend any analytics forum or interact with students, two questions stand out on account of number of times they are asked:

I am an undergraduate (or any other) student & want to pursue career in Analytics, what should I do?


I want to build a career / shift my career in Business Analytics, how should I go about doing so?

Further, I receive multiple queries through mail / social media / comments asking the same. In order to make sure these queries are addressed in best possible manner, I thought it’s best to write an article on this and provide a starting platform for everyone.

How to start a career in Business Analytics

While the subject itself is wide, I’ll provide an overview of various things which can be done and focus on specific sub-topics through additional posts later on.

Before I delve into the ways of building an Analytics career, let me quickly cover why to build a career in Analytics first.


Why build a career in Business Analytics?

Analytics, as an industry is set for exponential growth. With more and more data being available in digital form, need for smarter, faster, data based decisions is only going to increase. Consider following facts to substantiate what I am saying:

  • According to Harvard Business Review (October 2012 edition), job of a data scientist is the sexiest job of 21st century.
  • According to the McKinsey Global Institute (In a May 2011 report): “By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.”

Imagine what would be the number across the globe…


I understand Analytics will become big, but I don’t know how do I start a career in Business Analytics?

Its difficult for a newbie to find out the best way to start a career in Analytics due to following reasons:

  • The industry in nascent stage, hence, it is difficult to find proper guidance.
  • “Analytics” or “Business Analytics” are losely used terms, which makes it difficult for people to understand and appreciate the role
  • There are limited structured & well laid out path which you can follow to enter the field.

While the first factor will improve with time and I had written an article mentioning second point here, this post aims to address the third point.


Two approaches to build a career

Like any other employment skill, there are 2 approaches to enter / start an analytics career:

  • Approach 1 – Get hired by a company which trains you (on job / internal trainings) on the necessary skills. These would be companies which have Analytics in their DNA and use it for their day to day decisions. While this approach is better from long term perspective, it takes time and investment (especially if there is no structured training in the companies). Some of the companies known for using cutting edge Analytics (in India) are:
    • Technology leaders: Google, Facebook, Linkedin
    • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI): Capital One, American Express, ICICI, HDFC
    • Telecom companies: Idea, Vodafone, Airtel
    • Analytics Consultancies: Fractal, Mu-Sigma, Absolutdata, ZS Associates

We have also prepared an comprehensive course on how to ace data science interviews. If you are expecting to face an interview with any of these companies, that’s your jackpot!

One of the alternate route to get into these companies can be internships. So if you have a 2 – 6 month break, give a try to becoming an intern in these companies.

  • Approach 2 – Get Business Analytics related certification: While these certifications provides you with the technical skills required, these would not be able to compensate for experience on the job. Following are some options of training available (in India):
    • For people with work experience, various leading academic institutes run certification courses. If you have the required experience and resources, I would recommend the course from ISB
    • For freshers, there are certification courses run by various institutes, including Analytics Vidhya. Getting these certification courses can increase your chances of getting hired in some of the best companies.

What else can be done?

While these are specific paths for starting a career in Analytics, there are smaller steps you can take to increase your awareness. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Continue reading on the subject: Keep reading about the subject through various blogs and communities.
  • Attend Industry forums: There are various industry forums, meet and conferences which you can attend to gain understanding of the subject. DataHack Summit (held annually) is one of the places to meet some of the best people in industry
  • Try internships: Internships are awesome way to start your career. They provide you a flavor of the work before you take a plunge and the employer gets to assess you without significant investments.
  • Connect to people: Since it is a small industry today, most of the people know each other. Find out how can you connect and talk to people in industry. They are your best sources of information.
  • Go through training material available on the web: Google provides basic training for Google Analytics free. There are various websites running basic courses which can be accessed freely. Some universities provide access to course notes freely. Consume as much as you can.
  • Books: Read some good books on the subject like Scoring Points (on Tesco); The new Science of retailing, The Signal and The Noise are some good books on the matter.

If there are any other resources which you have found useful to learn more on the subject, please add them in comments below.

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Kunal Jain 27 Aug 2021

Kunal is a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. He has spent more than 10 years in field of Data Science. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python and Matlab.

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Adebiyi Orilabawaye
Adebiyi Orilabawaye 19 Jul, 2013

Thanks for this info.Can you forward some soft copies to me to aid my analytic skills.

Harun Murugavel
Harun Murugavel 30 Jul, 2013

Hi Kunal, This site is loaded with all the information and answers that's running in back of my mind for which I'm seeking a guidence. This site have all of it compared to the other sites that have come across. Big Kudos to you. But still, i have few clarification. I'm again one of an experienced fresher for this Analytic Industry and decided to step-in with no two ways. After the "Three Mistakes of My Life" 1) 7 Job Changes in 9 years 2) 5 domain Changes 3) Multiple work envionment -Starting from 30,000 member organization to 2000 member to 800 member to 50 Member to 40 Member then finally a work from home job and now back to a 500 member team. With all these I have completely shattered my professional carrier path just for the sake of earning and now I earn jus NUTS if i do a market correction towards my salary. As said, I have madeup my mind for analytics and need your suggestion for 1) How & Where do I start now to reshape my carrier. 2) How does analytics treat maths haters 3) Can I Persue Domain specific Analytics ( E-commerce , Mobile and Media Is my preferred Domain) Please advice. -Harun

Vivek Anand
Vivek Anand 06 Aug, 2013

Hi Kunal, At first, thank you very much for sharing such useful information. Please continue the same in future as well. Further please suggest that keeping analytics industry in mind what kind of hobby one should develop parallely which could be relevant in having more command towrds this industry and impressive from interview point of view as well. I would like to spend more time on this which could improve my knowledge further for the industry. Regards, Vivek Anand.

Rohan Brahmankar
Rohan Brahmankar 06 Aug, 2013

Thank You very much. I want to ask one more question that which academic backgound are preferable to break into analytics companies?

Janani Rajagopalan
Janani Rajagopalan 08 Aug, 2013

Hi Kunal, Thanks for your great insights! I am market research professional worked in procurement space for 3 years.Now, that I wanted a profile shift to analytics, I have started online professional and training certifications in tools such as SAS,advanced excel and SQL. But, would my market research experience be a hindrance to enter into analytics space? I often hear from boutique analytics firm recruiters that they hire people only with sound hands-on experience in tools rather than with certifications? How assured I can be to get a job if I just complete certificate courses in analytics and seek an entry - level job in analytics companies? What are the other skills I may need to acquire? kindly advice! Janani Thanks in advance!

Mathan 12 Aug, 2013

Hi Kunal, Thank you for your Articles. you are deeply helping me(and many of us) rocking towards Analytics. l am looking to make my Career change to Analytics. I did my BCA and having 2+ Years of IT experience. am i eligible for this ? will companies seek a person with BCA as UG? and dont have any PG degree. I am planning to go for external training also. how would be the salary range for freshers like me? how this Analytics will be after 5yrs from now? Please provide your help.

Jay 14 Aug, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am exploring opportunities in Analytics for a new career.Where do I start ? How is R different to say QlickView ? Please advice ! Regards, Jay

Harun Murugavel
Harun Murugavel 14 Aug, 2013

Kunal, Please suggest me some ground works to do or some books, as I will be in to SAS basic level training or Jigsaw acadamy's FOUNDATION COURSE IN ANALYTICS USING THE SAS LANGUAGE in next two months. Also let me know, if i'm selecting the right course here. -Harun M

vikash 21 Aug, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am a fresher from a reputed NIT & have got a job in Mu-sigma, I want to make a career in analytics but i am confused about my future with mu-sigma, What are your suggestion regarding how i should look at this job,should i consider it as a short term job & look for my exit options in better companies or should i plan a long term career with it? and talking about my exit options,what do you think will be my options after working for Mu-sigma for some time & what will be my value as a employee for a potential employer?

Satyaal 23 Aug, 2013

Thanks Kunal for your clarifications. I am working on Pre-sales from past there years, I am BE and MBA. My job role involves mostly on the Business problem solution, Functional presentations and proposal preparations. I want to be in functional business solutioning and performing business analytics. I have never coded and i am looking for a career growth in Analytics . I am little confused on enrolling in SAS or Big data. Can u please suggest on the career paths in both the cases and which one suits to my current role. Thanks in advance. Satyaal.

Paulson 23 Aug, 2013

Hi, I am Sales Manager having 8+ years experience in Industrial sales with B.E.,MBA Qualification. Could u please advise on how to get into Functional Consulting - Business Analytic s. Thanks Paulson

Ashish Desai
Ashish Desai 27 Aug, 2013

Hi Kunal I am a banking professional having career experience of 14yrs of which 8 years are in banking. I am BE (electronics) and MBA (marketing). I am exploring opportunities in Business Analytics but dont know where to start. Could you please guide me Thanks Ashish

karthik 27 Aug, 2013

Hi kunal, I've been following analytics and big data websites for past four months. (btw This website is great. Kudos to you). I've gained an interest in the field. I have one year work experience in IT infrastructure production support for a US based bank through a big consulting company. I've completed SAS training this month and plan on completing certification soon. Please let me know where to start with respect to interview related questions and other skills that I must learn to get into the analytics industry. Thanks.

sashidhar kumar
sashidhar kumar 11 Sep, 2013

hai, kunal.. thanks for ur information. i am thinking to go for a training in sas . can u clarify me about this course and if not which would be the best in the initial stage.

Deepu Kumar Gouli
Deepu Kumar Gouli 16 Sep, 2013

Hi Kunal, Thanks for the article which helps a lot in understanding roles in business analytics: The query i have is, What all the things is must to know before thinking to start the course in business analytics. Also what to know what is SAS? Is it must to undergo SAS training...? Thank you, Deepu

Sushant Srivastava
Sushant Srivastava 23 Sep, 2013

Hi Kunal Sir, This is Sushant Srivastava from Ghaziabad.I am a Fresher Engineering Graduate and I want to start my career in the field of Business Analytics.I just want to know that what should I do for this.I dont have any experience . Regards Sushant

Divya 23 Sep, 2013

Hi Kunal, I have 3.5 yrs work ex in Oracle PLSQL , SQL, telecom inventory & order management and I hold MCA degree. I am very inclined towards big data analytics. I dont have much exposure in present company to get hands-on on analytics.Hence I have decided to get some external training from a good institute.However, I am not sure if I will get the oppurtunities outside on analytics , just based on training knowlegde. Please guide me if I am doing the right thing. Regards, Divya

D S 23 Sep, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am a Data warehouse developer working in the ETL/data integration & quality space for the last 10 years. I have done my M.Tech in IT from a reputed college ( not IIT though ). I am very much interested in moving into data analytics/business analytics. I am currently living in a foreign country. I was trying to get an admission to a Master of Stat course first. Now I have some doubts. I don't want to join as a fresher or even at a junior level. That way I am going to lose my seniority and salary advantage. I am trying to figure out whats the best way to move into Analytical/Statistical role with my experience. I am learning Stat and Machine learning myself. - D S

Anvesha 18 Oct, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am a Btech and have 2 years of exerience in SAS programming on Mainframes . Now I looking to shift my career towards analytics field. I am also planning to join an online course in Jigsaw academy. Just wanted to know that will it be difficult for me to get a job in analytics fields since I not having MBA degree niether I am a Btech from NIT's or IIT's. I have heard companies mostly look for a candidate from good institution or MBA. Will that be a hindrance for me. However , I have good programming skills for SAS and SQL. Thanks, Anvesha

Arvinder Singh Duggal
Arvinder Singh Duggal 23 Oct, 2013

Hi Kunal, Really informative! I think I have reached the right place. I want to ask something regarding mid career switch. I am working in an international BPO (backend support-non voice) for the last 7 years.....have a great interest in numbers (Maths and Stats). I am 36 years of age..though I think age is just a number but dont know what recruiters think. I have done BCom (H) in 1999 and MBA (Finance-distance learning) in 2011...have also cleared CT3 (Probability and Mathematical statistics) exam of Actuarial science. Currently I have completed a 1.5 months course in BASE SAS....would like to move to an analytics (preferably statistical) field (where I can find lots of data work where I can play with the numbers). Could you please advise me what should I do next and in future and how can I secure an entry level job? (I stay in Delhi). Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks and Regards, Arvinder Singh

santosh 24 Oct, 2013

Hi Kunal, I seek your guidance.I am B.E(Electronics & TC) and have 10 years of working experience in Sales in Telecom Company.Within the company, they donot allows us to shift to other domain.I have got bored out of this profile and wants to shift to this growing analytics industry. I have a question whether will i be accepted with this experience in analytics industry.If yes then with what specialization of Analytcs study will help me. Plz suggest Rgds Santosh

rahul 27 Nov, 2013

I graduated from iit this year with a core job that i dont want to work in anymore. i wish to get a 9-5 or 10-10 city job with 5 days a week work schedule ( they make you do no-brainer non technical work from 9-8, 6 days a week for peanuts). I am intrested in data analytics cause i have always been very good with numbers, statistics and co-ordinate geometry. By reading your article i understand best way to get an initial jobs is to use my institute network and not to expect much in terms of compensation. where i am confused is to switch jobs right away or wait for 1-2 years to get into a mba programme then switch job from there. also how useful it would be if i go for cfa or frm, friends who have cleared frm say its better in terms of beign more mathematical but limits ur job/career options more as compared to cfa

Suvayan Saha
Suvayan Saha 29 Nov, 2013

Sir, I am an applied economics student, wanting to join Analytics industry. I would like to ask u the following questions : 1) How popular is Python and Hadoop compared to SAS? 2) I am already learning SAS. will learning Python and hadoop help me advance my career even more? 3) What kind of jobs to Python and Hadoop knowing people get? which companies in India hire such people?

sam 30 Nov, 2013

Hi Kunal, Need your opinion, I am a Engineering graduate with MBA in IT and been working past 12 year in telecom domain. I am looking for a switch in career and was wondering whether it will be right age for doing so. During my academics I was good in maths and did recent course on coursera & found it interesting. Thanks Sam

Abhishek 03 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, I am currently working as Statistical Programmer for past 3 years in a Clinical Reasearch Organisation. I am technically driven professional with strong SAS skills and plan to shift to Business Analytics field. I've been reading all the posts here and want to thank you for making us understand the basics of Analytics field. In your opinion will I have any problems in switching to Analytics as my professional back ground is in Clinical domain. I also plan to enroll for one of the business analytics for ISB. But, the problem is I am not sure will this switch help me to get any job in Analytics because of Clinical domain tag. Although, I use EG & Unix SAS in my daily responsibilities so I am sure I will be fine with programming part, But not with interpretation of it. Will these courses help me interpreting these results? Thanks in advance for all the insight about the industry Abhishek

Siddharth Vaish
Siddharth Vaish 13 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, You have done an excellent work with all the information you have provided me. Thanks for that. I am working with Deloitte for 2.7 years but into taxation. In Aug 2013, I have completed my SAS global certification in Predictive Modeling using Enterprise Miner 7 (from SAS India Partners - Ultramax). I have put down my papers in Deloitte and will soon start looking for a job in Analytics. Just wanted your thoughts and suggestions. For now I will be traveling back to Mumbai and will be visiting the institute from where I have completed my certification. I am also planning to do research on topics, collect data and then interpret them for my better understanding of the process and knowledge of the software. Do you know any website from where I can directly pick up data and start using them, because collection of data might be a little waste of my time. Also will these cases that I will be solving will they help me in my future search for jobs? And can I show this period as free lancer? One more thing I have been getting a lot of calls for SAS but the problem is they are asking for at least one year of experience in SAS or analytics background. I am willing to do an internship as well. Really appreciate you help and if you would like to add few things like what else should I be doing, What additional course if any that can help me? then please let me know. Thanks, Sidd

Nikhil 19 Dec, 2013

Hi Kunal, I appreciate your comments and inputs on Business Analytics career options. I am an MBA in IT & Marketing with an experience of 6+ years in IT Sales ( Networking & Info. Sec). I want to know whether my existing profile will in any way compliment Business Analytics as a career option going forward. Please advise on any courses, certifications or programs i need to undertake to build my career around Business Analytics as a field.

aishwarya 20 Dec, 2013

hello kunal, i have seen your article but im little bit confused about this course as i have done my bachelor's under management stream im in a dilema what to do next. but im very much intretsed in analytics can you please suggest me some steps to get into analytics field. please let me know some courses where i can get a job as analyst . i dont even have any experience so please let me know about courses

aishwarya 20 Dec, 2013

hello kunal, im a undergraduate with no experience but i want to make my carrer in analytics. but im little bit confused about where to start my carrer .so please let me know what are the courses i can opt for and please tel waht steps should i make to become as an analyst .

Suvayan Saha
Suvayan Saha 21 Dec, 2013

Sir, For a better career in analytics industry, are post graduate programmes available in US universities? If so, which are the most popular and effective ones?

Siva Kumar
Siva Kumar 05 Jan, 2014

Sir, I have completed my graduation B.Sc (Maths, Physics, Computer Sceince). I have 11years of experience in a domin which is not related to IT or analytics. First i started my career as security officer in a private firm and later shifted to secretarial functions. now i have almost 9 years experiance as personal secretary. I have completed my graduation B.Sc (Maths, Physics, Computer Sceince) and maths is my favorite subject. I recently heard about Data Analytics, I am very much keen to switch my career to this field & I am 31 years old now. At this stage & with my qualification is it good idea to switch. Pls suggest how to begin. regards, Siva

Dewki Poddar
Dewki Poddar 07 Jan, 2014

Recently NIIT has launched a course in Analytics. It looks that some good people are on board for teaching. Do you recommend to go for this one ? Its course fee seems to be reasonable. Can you please advise me what to do ?

Samridhi 09 Jan, 2014

Hi, Are there any books I can read up on analytics methodologies or SAS before i sign up for a course. You have suggested a few books, but they are talking about analytics helps the industry etc. I would like to read up on the subject first. Could you please help me with a few names

Abhinav 10 Jan, 2014

Kunal, Great work for making us more aware in the field. I just want to know how bad grip over Probability and Permutation and Combinations might affect career progression in Analytics field. My Maths overall is decent and I have good command in "Hows" of maths in general. But Permutations and Probability is nightmare for me. So please suggest. Thanks

ajit 16 Jan, 2014

Hi, Kunal Very nice blog....but i am bit confused regarding my career. I have more than 4 years experience in retail industry in mid manager level in one of the largest retail chain in in store operation level. Prior to this exp I have done MBA in Retail Management and Graduate in Science ....Now i am very much interested and decided to start career in retail analytics... Can u pls guide me .... 1)how should i start...or preparation. 2)how books or course should i pursue... 3)Shall get job in a marketing research firm after pursuing these courses or study or preparation Thanks & Regds Ajit

Gokul 31 Jan, 2014

Kunal , i'm writing this note as your fan , who is just 3 days old. My BG : Btech in IT (2010) and PGDM in finance ( 2012) from a Tier II Institute in Chennai. Current work : working as a Business analyst /Consultant in an reputed IT services firm in Chennai.Responsible for Requirement Gathering /Analysis/Documentation work for a project with a bank.By this Feb , i'm completting around 20 months in this firm. Future Plans 1. Planning to take up FRM Certification in May/Nov 2014 2. I'm also in plans to take a certification course in Analytics ( i got this info , only from your site) 3. I have interests in Risk Management ,Financial Modelling areas in Finance. Having said all about me , i have few questions , for you. 1. Am i a right candidate to take up Business Analytics Carreer ? 2. Will my work experience help me in getting selected in Institutes , providing Analytics Courses.? 3. Tell me , whether i'm shaping my career in the right path? Expecting your replies at the earliest . Thanks in advance.

Nagaraju 01 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, Very much impressed with your website. Cheers.:) I did MBA from NMIMS and currently working on SAP SD in Infosys. I have 3 yrs prior MBA work ex on SQL and .net. I want to pursue career in analytics. Please answer my below questions. As an MBA graduate I am expecting a consultant/manager role in analytics company. Is it necessary to learn technical aspects like cleaning data,running models,applying statistical tests etc..? If so how much proficiency they expect from me? I am already learning R and a bit of machine learning by following courseera website.Let me know is learning SAS necessary to get a job in analytics? Please guide me on how to prepare for analytics interviews?(pls share any soft copies if you have) Thanks in advance

YV 05 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, ( I sent a mail to you from "Contact Us". I am putting my query here too.) I went through couple of articles in your blog. I like it very much. You have very good clarity in your thought. I am looking for a career change. I need a suggestion. I did my MCA and I have 18+ yrs of experience in IT. I am working for an Indian IT company, in a managerial role, which I am not finding it interesting. I worked as a Mainframe architect for sometime. (I also have exposure to Web technologies and bit of Informatica also). Later when mainframes was down and I was pushed into management roles, which is not of my choice. Though I tried couple of times, earlier, to change the technology I could not do, for various reasons. I don't find the managerial roles interesting in Indian IT companies. These are like clerical jobs and easily replaceable, first target for layoffs, not easy to change jobs. As I don't have interest I am not able to grow in these roles. 1. Would it be a good choice to start my career in Analytics or Business Intelligence (at this age (43) and experience. I have very good analytical skills. I was technically very good when I was developer. Even now, I didn't loose the touch of coding.) Please suggest how should I approach. 2. I am thinking to gain experience outside India, even working at junior levels for few years, in Singapore or UK or US and come back to India in managerial roles. Is this right approach? 3. How to get Analytics jobs in Singapore or UK? How to get visas? 4. Is there anyone processing H1 for USA? Thanks in advance for your help.

DS 12 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have gone through a couple of your blog posts and find them to be very informative. I am contemplating a career change and i am here to ask your suggestion. I have done my BE and have 10 years of experience in Microsoft web technologies. I am working as a senior consultant in a software company in Hyderabad. 1. I have come across a certificate program in BigData Analytics and Optimization () from an institute called INSOFE in Hyderabad. Can you tell me if it is worth attending that program. 2. Also, i am not sure if switching to an Analytics career at this stage is a right move. Thanks in advance for your help.

Rajat 13 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal I reached your blog today itself and I found it very impressive. I have an MBA degree (year 2000) with specialization in Information Systems. I have always liked Mathematics and analysis & logical thinking excites me. Now I have 14 yrs of IT experience working mostly with Indian IT services companies. I had been into application development (programming) and now into a project management role. This does not excite me anymore and analytics excites me. I really do not find direction on how to start a career in analytics. I was enrolled for analytics program in IIM Ranchi. But due to extremely busy schedule I could not go ahead with the course. Now I have following queries 1. With no experience in analytics, can I get a good start by pursuing the same course from IIM Ranchi? 2. At this stage I do not have liberty to quit job and go for full time course. Is IIM Ranchi course good enough? 3. I understand that I would be entering afresh into this field. How much minimum salary you expect? I cannot afford lower salary than the current level (a little less 5-10% is fine to start a new career). Thanks Rajat

snvig 14 Feb, 2014

hi, I have done by MBA in finance regular and has worked as BA for 1 years but for quite a few years i couldnt work with marriage and i want to resume for job and i was thinking business analytic being a good career option please suggest how to do that and kick start my career in IT. Thanks snvig

lakshmi 15 Feb, 2014

Hi kunal, First of all your blog is very informative. thanks for the pointers of where to find course details and appropriate institutes for new bees. I have been working on BI tools in retail domain for six years now.I have around four years development experience in a service company with BI, one year with a retail giant in developing a bi tool for campaign management. finally now with a analytics concern as a developer again. i want to shift my career and move on to become a retail analyst. Please can you direct me to the appropriate way to gain knowledge in becoming a retail analyst? . i aim at creating a retail analytics product focuse on customer segmentation and predective analysis after i gain some experience in analytics field. please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

Manish 17 Feb, 2014

Dear Kunal, First of all let me thank you for all the support and guidance that you share with us by addressing everybody's query. Currently i have been working as a Business Analyst in Supply Chain and Retail domain for past 5 yrs and i am planning to pursue Business Analytics Long term certification course from IIM bangalore for which i have already applied and awaiting for selection. As i have to deal with lot of raw data from the customer to optimize and suggest a better process,so i would like you to suggest me whether the certification will be relevant for me or not in my domain. Sometimes i feel it will give me necessary edge if i am equipped with analytic skills in long term and also if i switch to any analytics job, my domain experience would be counted. I am really confused please suggest. Thanks Manish

Vinay 19 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, Your website is a plethora of information on Analytics. Amazing work I have to say.. After reading your blogs, I always have a big smile on my face because every blog gives me a better understanding in this field and clears my mind. From the last 2 months I have been doing my research and I think now I am ready to enter this field. I have done Masters in Economics and am currently working as a Research Analyst. My total work experience is 2.5 years. As I am from a Non IT background, I need to understand which path should I choose from the following to enter this field. A) Join a course for SQL/PL SQL/ Oracle at say NIIT to understand data management tools and do a certification in Base SAS foundation by learning SAS from Jigsaw or SAS institute side by side? (BTW,which one is better - Jigsaw or SAS Institute?) OR B) Should I enroll myself in a one year certified course from say ISB or IIM L or IIM K or Lake viewers and forget about point (A). ISB looks difficult because I am based in Singapore. OR C) Should I start from point (A) and then get into an entry level Analytics job and then pursue a certified 1 year course from institutes mentioned under point (B). D) NIIT course is Business Analytics is getting some attention in the market - should I consider this? E) A NEW PATH better than above would be great. Your help in finding me a right path would be of great help to me.. Thanks, V

Satish Sutar
Satish Sutar 20 Feb, 2014

I am a MBA systems student, I have done graduation in Bachelors in Comouter Science. I do not have any experience. What are pre-Reuisites for Business Analyst career. I want to pursue Business Analysis as a career. Please tell me about it. Satish Sutar

Tripti 21 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I came across your portal while exploring Data Analysis as a career opportunity. I am looking for some true guidance on what should be the path that I should take to successfully enter and survive in this career path. Or, will it be a good choice or not as far as my experience is concerned.  I hold an Engineering (Computer Sc) Degree and have done my MBA in Marketing & IT from a B category institute. I have 5 years of work experience and most of my experience is in Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management where I have not being involved in any type of analysis. It would be a great help, if you could spare few minutes guiding me here. Questions that I wanted to ask are: 1. What stream of Analytics will suit me best? Since I have  experience in Social Media Execution and Online Reputation Management, is there any stream where my past experience would benefit me? 2. What course/training/certification would be helpful? 3. What are the possibilities of landing up with an entry level job in some big organisation which I am keen for. Till now i have worked for startups and mid size firms only. Your suggestions would be awaited! Thanks Tripti

Vinay 23 Feb, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have dropped you an email as well with the same query. Your guidance would be of great help to me. Waiting for your kind response. Regards, Vinay

Shah Arpit
Shah Arpit 24 Feb, 2014

Sir, I am a Charetered Accountant in practice. I want to know if there are any companies looking for finance analyst outsourcing work. And also can we practice only in finance and accounts analyst or do i need to learn other branches of analyst like web analyst etc. Regards Arpit

Mahesh 03 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, Your site is very informative and Im sure this site is benefiting a lot of people. I have 13 yrs of IT experience working in an IT services company. I had been into application development and now into a project management role. I would like to switch my career to analytics. I m planning to enroll into one year business analytics course offered by great lakes chennai or ISB. a. Im not clear if these courses by Great lakes or ISB will help me in switching my career to business analytics. b. After doing these one year courses, what sort of roles can I expect in Business analytics, should I start at junior level or can start as project manager. c. Apart from one year course, is there any other course I should take to help me in switching my career in analytics. d. What is your view on the course provided by Great lakes Chennai. (they are offering the course in Chennai this year). Im eyeing on this as i m staying in Chennai currently. Thanks, Mahesh.

Debayan Das
Debayan Das 06 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal Sir, I was going through this website and I can tell you that its really helping me out of sorting some problems which I was facing. Your answers to every questions is amazing. Actually I am B,Tech I.T Graduate and presently working as a Project Coordinator in a small firm. I want to pursue my career on data analysis. Recently, I am gaining lots of interest on Big Data and Hadoop. I also downloaded some pdf and tutorials from internet to get more depth info. Should I opt for the course of Big Data Analytics using R and Hadoop? Actually I am not that kind of a guy who is good in coding and love to hang out with it!! With regards Debayan

Ikhtiyar 07 Mar, 2014

What do you guys think about getting a MS degree in Business Analytics from an university in the US? What can be done get best results before, during and after graduating from those programs, job wise?

Binod 08 Mar, 2014

Sir , I m pursuing MBA in Finance from Anna University Chennai, I have two years of past experience in Banking field as Credit Analyst . I have just come to knowledge about emerging field of I want to get job in good management consultancies and professional services firm...can you plz suggest how the training you mentioned above in the post in analytics can help myself to get the dream job. Is the Analytics is core IT field or Management field?? If the training is really helpful then which institute will be best to join so that they can guarantee the placement after the completion of the course? Pls suggest!!

Binod 10 Mar, 2014

Hello sir, As you hav mentioned that institutes like jigsaw and venturehire are having placement tie-up, I just wanted to know what kind of services they offer with such tie up to their aspiring students. On the otherside, there are so many institutes having their strong advertisement based on the ground of placement guarantee. That means all those institutes assuring the placement after successful course completion are supposed to be fake. Plz guide on this as per your depth of knowledge in this field and Market.

K. Amol
K. Amol 11 Mar, 2014

Hi Kunal, thanks for providing a great platform for the people who want to know and pursue their careers in BA. I have query on my profile whether its suitable for taking BA course. I am B com ( with statistic as subject) - 66%, HSC -- 73% , SSC --87%.. marks. --- Pune university 6 years of experience in Stock broking firms a Relation Executive & Dealer equity. From the last 6 years i am doing my Independent Financial Planning advisory. ( Freelancer - Mutual Fund Advisor, Insurance Consultant. ) So total 12years experience Financial services sector. Now i am 36 years old and really want to switch to analytical world. I have started to study statistics and coursera course of Machine learning. then i am planning to do BA course from NIIT Pune. I have a strong interest in stats and analytical area. My question is/ In recruiting.. will company consider students of my Age, Qualification or I will have a tough time to find a job considering Age 36, B com ( statistics as subject). what are the chances that i will get the job / placement after completing BA course So is it advisable to enter it so late from getting job perspective. Please guide Kunal. Thanks & Regards, Amol Kankanwadi.

Jayashree 13 Mar, 2014

Hello Kunal, I am an IT professional with 10+ years of experience in software development. Currently I am on a career break. I would like to change my career in to data analytics. Without prior experience in analytics and having a career gap , will it be possible to relaunch a career in analytics. Thanks and Regards, Jayashree

Kumar 26 Mar, 2014

Hi, Could you please tell me what is the main difference between Analytics course offered by IIM bangalore and great Lakes? I have 7 years experience in IT service and planning to shift to Analytics role. Which course will be more suitable for me. Thanks, Ramkumar

pranay 26 Mar, 2014

sir can you pls suggest which institute i would join for analytics training : there are two institute i have browsed: ( in bangalore) 1.Jigsaw academy 2.Edupristine if you will allow me i will send the detailed course structure of both plss.. send your mail id. Other than these institute if you can suggest any other it will be pleasure I am really confused.... please suggest I have completed B tech ,Persuing MBA in distance mode.. i dont have any reference and any real relevent experience can i get job after persuing this course... plss suggest me regarding fresher openings

Nabanita 26 Mar, 2014

I am in my 1st year of Msc Statistics.My placements will be starting from next semester and i am interested in starting a career as a business analyst.Can you please help me out as to what certificate course i pursue in order to get an edge over the other students?

Varun 31 Mar, 2014

Hii kunal.. Your blogs are so informative and its of great help for the budding Analysts.. I'm into my final semester of Masters in Statistics from Department of Statistics, DU. I got placed at Genpact as Business Analyst. I am looking for better options now and i am even interested in studying further( india or abroad) in the field of analytics or data mining. what do you suggest i should go for the job and then go for further studies or immediately look for an option. and do suggest me some options available for further studies??

SD 07 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal I am a Mechanical engineer and have got 20 years of Sales & Marketing experience on Industrial products. I am not from IT field. Got a break in career and contemplating to shit my career. Do you think Data analytics / intelligence can be a field for me ?? If yes, how do you suggest to for it ? SD

Mainak 09 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am working in pharmaceutical channel sales and want to pursue my carrier in analytic I have a great passion for data crunching and case analysis.Please suggest me some certification courses (except global SAS) which help me to enter in this industry I am MBA(MARKETING) and Eco(H) student and having work experience of 3 years. Also suggest me how I can try for pharma analytics. Regards Mainak

Sashikant Dwiedi
Sashikant Dwiedi 14 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal, i would like to congratulate you for this wonderful website u have stared, it's really a life saver for most of us who are beginners in the analytics industry. I want to switch my career into analytics but i m really confused whether my academic qualification would hinder me getting a job in analytics, I am a science graduate with no Maths and statistics in college, but i am comfortble with numbers and graphs. I have already started with basics and intermediate of stats thru books and online. I m really passionate about data and analytics. I have 4 yrs of experience in financials services industry in Trade operations and asset mgmt, Technical skills-SQL and Advnced xcel. I am planning to do a short term course on Business Analytics thru Edupristine.( Please suggest if it is a good career move Let me know ur thoughts. Watiing for ur reply

Sashikant Dwiedi
Sashikant Dwiedi 15 Apr, 2014

Hi kunal, I have graduated from Sambalpur university, orissa, I did a lot of resarch about the training institutes like Edupristine, Edvancer and also came to know abt Jigsaw academy thru ur website. Since all the trainings were online except Eduprisitine which provides both online and class room training and the course curriculum is aslo preety much same if i comapre all these institutes. But i really liked the foundations course of jigsaw academy but they have video based tutorial which i think would be just like reading something online and asking ur doubts later, s so i thought that wont be a good move if u r a beginner and also if u want get ur concepts right. They also have instructor based training but the course fee is on higher side. Comparing two on the basis of these two variables(mode of training/Course fee) i zeroed in with Edupristine. Please let me know ur thoughts and also i wud like to know something abt my career move. Thanks in advance. Sashikant

Sashikant Dwiedi
Sashikant Dwiedi 16 Apr, 2014

Hi Pranay. when u mentioned "1. SAS certified Statistical business analyst" Is it a certification provided by SAS. Please specify

rahul 17 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal.. i came across this site as a part of my quest to change my career track. I have 10 years of experience , out of which last 5 years is in institutional relationship management cum acquisition in banking sector. Prior to that i have 1.5 years sales experience in FMCG sales. i have done mba(mktg) and b.e. please guide me, 1. would my existing profile be adaptable to career in business analytics 2. how easy (or difficult) it would be to get job in business analytics 3. which course and from which institute would relatively assure me of a job immediately in analytics thanks

Rahul 20 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have overall 4-5 years of experience in IT industry. Currently I am working with the Adobe systems as a support engineer. I am looking for switching my profile to analytics .I already read your blogs however I am not sure how to start. there are few doubts in my mind and I am sure you can clear those. 1.I am a BA(mathematics) graduate from Delhi university. Do you need any knowledge of scripting languages while using the analytics tools like Adobe site catalyst(omniture). 2.What is the difference between analytics and web analytics. are these two different diversions. 3.NIIT has started a course on analytics. Would that be a good to start. would that help me entering the industry or an experience on the same profile is a must. 4.NIIT says that the enter level packages start from 40,0,000/annum is that true or it is just to attract students. Thanks Rahul

Aseem Kapur
Aseem Kapur 22 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal, First of all, its a great websites for the people who has queries for their career in Analytics. I have done Engineering in Computer Science from Amity University in 2011. I didn't get any job from college. After that I did sales job in a very small company for 9 months. After that I joined Igate as a L1 application support but client took its business from the company and currently I'm working in service desk calling profile. I have made up mind to move into analytics field, now I have a dream to become Business Analyst and to work in best companies of the world. Can you please assist me for: 1) How can I become Business Analyst? 2) How should I start my career in analytics? 3) What are the skills required? 4) Can you please tell me from where I must get the best training and which subjects and books I must study? 4) Do any companies offer internship? 5) In which companies I should Apply? 5) Salary packages? Sir, this would be my biggest help, as I'm not getting any clarity. Please help. Thanks Aseem 09871004144 [email protected]

Deblina 23 Apr, 2014

HI Kunal, A very interesting read. Thanks to you for the info.. I am currently pursuing my MBA from chennai I have an engineering back ground with two years of work experience as a JAVA developer. I have my interest in making a career out of business analytics. Saying that i would like to know your inputs on the following points. 1- How fruitful will it be for me to opt Business Analytics as my major(keeping in mind the background).Since it will be a career shift so will i get the necessary industry exposure doing a major in BA and minor in Operations & IT. 2- What job profile should I be looking forward to post my MBA in BA field? Regards, Deblina

Vaishalee mithbawkar
Vaishalee mithbawkar 25 Apr, 2014

Hi kunal, An interesting article once again. Thanks a ton for sharing this. I am statistics graduate. (2012). After that due to serius health issues there is almost 2 yrs gap in my career. now i am doing a certification in business analytics. Recently i got selected as Research analyst . It is not an analytics company.The work is Data analysis n data mining using excel. what will be your suggestion at this point of time? Shoud i take this opportunity and continue looking for opportunities in analytics industry alongwith the course or I should complete the course first and try to get into analytics industry. Please guide me.

jagath guru
jagath guru 29 Apr, 2014

HI KUNAL , I am an MBA graduate fresher with my U.G in B.TECH(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY).Write now i don't have experince.I am really interested in analytical and mathematical models.companies offering jobs in business Analytics hire students directly from IIM'S. Internship is also not possible bcoz normally companies prefer internship to the students from prestigious there any tier 2 or tier 3 companies providing jobs in business analytics?how can i approach now?provide a suitable remedy..

dip joy
dip joy 29 Apr, 2014

Hey, it was a nice read! can you please give me some suggestion: 1. I am planning to pursue a 1 year MS in analytics (North Carolina, Connict,,,,) do you think it is a good investment (say if tution cost goes around 22lac for an year) for getting an appropriate punch into analytics world. 2. Business Analytics or Plain Analytics - if my long term goal is into either marketing, product development, social network. 3. I have an offer from wipro, can you candidly elaborate if an experience there will actually be of any help. 4. I am enrolled in the data science specialization course under - will the certificate which is not graded (just pass/fail) benefit me. Background: B.Tech Mechanical '14 (fresher) I will be very happy if you could take some time and detail out. Thank you in advance :)

Rashmeet Singh
Rashmeet Singh 29 Apr, 2014

Hi Kunal, I have 6+ years of experience in IT consulting, none of them is related to Analytics. But I want to move into analytics, is there a way to do that? please advise. Thanks!

veeru 01 May, 2014

Hi Kunal, Presently i am working as a statistical analyst and i am plannig to do MBA. But actually I don't know Exactly which specialization (like finance or marketing or some else) is more suitable to me for increasing my future option can you Suggest me Please?

Shashank Sood
Shashank Sood 01 May, 2014

Hi Kunal, I am a software engineer with 3.6 years of experience with an IT MNC. I have been working on SQL based Business Operations project where we are validating some business data in different stages in a data warehouse by doing some quality checks, root cause analysis using excel and getting the data corrected to be sent downstream into dashboards since 2 years now. I am inclined towards a career in analytics and have been trying my luck since a long time now but I am not getting any interview calls. I eventually learned SAS programming by taking up some E&R courses in my company and reading some books(learning SAS by example). Since I don't have any hands on experience in SAS, I dont know how to use this in my resume for my benefit to get into an Analytics company. Should I fake that I have worked on a SAS project for a period of time? Need suggestions. And I really appreciate the efforts you put in to answer all our questions. Thanks in advance, Shashank

kaushik 05 May, 2014

Sir, I am in my last semester of mba in marketing and presently am doing my internship from airtel money. I have finished base sas and presently doing advance sas. How will i find as a data analyst after my mba ?

Ankit Bhatti
Ankit Bhatti 07 May, 2014

Dear Kunal, First I would like to thank you for giving so much time to give your views on various inquiries. I got most out of the above conversations. Can you please help me in identifying the genuine institutes in Delhi NCR area for SAS training as there are so many but I doubt there authenticity. Best Wishes, Ankit

ajay 07 May, 2014

sir , i am Fresher completed my in Information Technology with an aggregate of 70 in graduation. I am Interested to MBA with Work Experience, i need a course that can easily fetch me a job related to information Technology.which course would u suggest me Tera Data,Big Data. SAS,business Analyst,Oracel DB,java(least preference) . will us suggest me a institute that 100% job assurance any where in India.

prerna 11 May, 2014

Hello Sir, First of all, I want to congratulate you on the commendable effort on this website. I had been thinking about how to go about Analytics whether it be latest developments, career options , courses or talking to like minded people, but this website has done it all. Now, I would like to mention that I have just completed my MBA. Prior to that, I have done my B.Tech.(CSE). I have no work experience. I want to start a career in Analytics. How to go about it? I have fairly good logical and analytical abilities. What courses should I go for to make me employment friendly? Also, what companies should I target witht his kind of a profile. Because most of the companies I see offer profiles to people with min. 2 years of experience. Where should a fresher like me apply to? Thanks and Regards

Raghav 19 May, 2014

Hi Kunal, This Raghav working as Application support Engg in Cognizant.... I want to shift my Carrer toward Analytics.... I got Job offer from Company they are actually into Retail Analytics and CGP solutions... Have you heard about this company?? Can i go ahead with that Offer to build my career in Analytics field?? Kindly suggest...

chethan 20 May, 2014

Hi, I am working in one of the IT giant. But I want to switch the filed of work to analytic. I do not want to leave the current organisation without any back-up. So leaving the company and joining the programmes offered by IIMs or any other Institutions is not a good option for me. So can you kindly suggest an alternative.

Yashpal Singh
Yashpal Singh 21 May, 2014

Hi Kunal, I came across this very helpful initiative of yours when i was just to apply for ISB certificate course. I have interest in analytic & logical reasoning but do not have experience. I require your guidance in justifying ISB in SOP & at the interview for my bend for business analytic and How can i start my career and justify at the BA interview. In brief: I am an MBA-HR & B.Tech & CAT,06: 97.2 percentile. My strong interest for data analytic, equations & statistics developed my interest again even after 5 yrs exp in HR. Though i believe & exercise quantification of HR process subjectivity, but now want to pursue career in Business analytic & so applying for ISB. Looking forward to guide me and clarifying my doubts. Warm Regards, Yashpal Singh

Yashpal Singh
Yashpal Singh 22 May, 2014

Hi, How these can be differentiated: SAS, R, Google Analytics, Webtrends Analytics, Coursera , eDX Pls guide. Warm Regards, Yashpal Singh

Arghya Dutta
Arghya Dutta 24 May, 2014

Kunal, I am a graduate mechanical engineer by education and have working experience of almost 8 years. I started my career in engineering design and gradually moved to Sales & Marketing of industrial engineering products. I have worked with some of the best industrial manufacturing companies in world of different domain like Atlas Copco, Emerson Electric and Eaton Corporation. In recent days, I felt inquisitive about Business Analytics and would like to understand if someone having experience like me in similar domain can switch to business analytics to persuade their career. I think you can help me in building more understanding on this subject. Arghya

Mohit 28 May, 2014

I am about to complete my UG from pune and want to get a career im business analytics. I have heard about jigsawacademy but i don't live in bangalore. Does it make any difference if i go for a virtual course and also What kind of coding is requried in this

Satish Sutar
Satish Sutar 28 May, 2014

I am MBA-IT fresher from Univ. of Pune. I am actively seeking job opportunity as a Business Analyst. Please let me know if you have knowledge about openings for Fresher Business Analyst. Email:- [email protected]