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Strategic Thinking Competition by Analytics Vidhya, 16th July 2016


If  you have been eagerly waiting for the our next hackathon, your wait is over. This July is packed with excitement and lot of challenges. We bring you a minihack – “Mind Your Strategy”.

“Mind Your Strategy”- is a strategic thinking competition where you have to analyze a business case and answer the given questions.

You will be challenged on your structured thinking and problem solving abilities.  So put on your strategic thinking caps and participate in this competition.

Date  : 16th July 2016

Duration : 3 hours

Mode: Online

Cash Prize : INR 55k (~$810)

Register Here

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Who should join this competition?

Anyone who is keen to test their logical thinking and problem solving or wants to compete with analytics professionals across the globe is welcome to join us.


How much is the fee for this competition?

There is NO FEES for participating in this event. We believe that learning should not be obstructed due to financial commitments. Hence, you are invited.


Why should you participate in this competition?

  1. Compete with the best minds in  the industry and up-skill yourself.
  2. Wish to test your expertise & knowledge, participate in this competition. Challenge and Be challenged.
  3. Network with like minded people through our discussion forum. Share your queries and approach with other data science enthusiasts and learn & improve.


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