— Published On December 27, 2016

Experience : 4 – 6 years
Requirements :
Task Info :


1.Deep knowledge of the relevant Internet protocols such as HTTP, DNS, and familiarity with the web authoring standards such as HTML, CSS as well as de-facto data encoding, markup, and representations like JSON, XML etc. 

2.Extensive knowledge of and experience with crawling web pages and building systems to do so. 

3.Extensive knowledge of and experience with working with Web APIs, in particular, REST services and JSON-encoded responses 

4.Experience with building systems at Internet scales, that scale to terabytes or more of data, millions of API calls, and thousands of requests/second 

5.Experience with data extraction, scraping/parsing/processing semi-structured data, ETL toolsets, and mechanisms

6.Experience building robust, fault-tolerant, scalable and cost-effective distributed systems 

7.Experience with Amazon Web Services or other Cloud platforms 

Skillsets Required

4-6 years of experience in a related occupation that provided the required skills and abilities.


Individuals must have demonstrable proficiency, knowledge and experience with the following specific areas:

Machine-learning, text-mining, Java, Python or natural language processing techniques. 

Computational linguistics for artificial intelligence. 

Lexical analysis design and implementation.

College Preference : tier1-entire
Min Qualification : open
Skills :
Location : Pune

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