Data Science Consultant- Text Mining – Gurgaon/Pune (3 to 7 years of Experience)

27 Dec, 2016 • 2 min read

Experience : 3 – 7 years
Requirements : strong understanding of Natural Language Processing
Task Info :

Pioneers in sales force and marketing analytics – applying optimization techniques to sales force and marketing investment problems. We have grown significantly and are now recognized global leaders in sales and marketing consulting. A key enabler of our services is leveraging data in delivering client solutions. The data available about customers is getting richer and the problems that our customers are trying to answer continue to evolve. In our endeavor to stay ahead in providing solutions to these evolving complex problems, the organization has set up a Data Scientist track which has three major focus areas:

•Research the evolving datasets and advanced analytical techniques to develop new offerings/solutions

•Deliver client impact by collaboratively implementing these solutions

•Provide thought leadership by developing the Point of View in this spaceThe Data Science Consultant will play a critical role in designing, developing and implementing analytical techniques on large, complex, structured and unstructured data sets (including big data) to help client make better decisions in sales and marketing space, with guidance from Data Science senior leadership.Specific responsibilities include: Client impact

•Developing advanced algorithms that solve problems of large dimensionality in a computationally efficient and statistically effective manner

•Implementing statistical and data mining techniques e.g. hypothesis testing, machine learning, and retrieval processes on a large amount of data to identify trends, figures and other relevant information

•Collaborating with clients and other stakeholders to effectively integrate and communicate analysis findings

•Providing guidance and project management support to the Associates and/or Associate Consultants on the teamResearch & firm contribution

•Evaluating emerging datasets and technologies that may contribute to our analytical platform

•Owning the development of select assets/accelerators for efficient scaling of capability

•Contributing to the thought leadership of the firm by helping in researching the evolving topics and publishing them


•Educational background of Master’s or PhD in Computer Science (OR Statistics/Operations Research) from a premier instituteKey competencies

•Have a strong understanding of Natural Language Processing and a genuine appreciation for NLP research.

•Exposure in creating lexical semantic resources for NLP-based applications.

•Experience in applying ontologies to NLP applications.

•Experience with multi-lingual text mining and information retrieval.

•Experience in Social Media, Web 2.0, and Marketing domains.

•Understand the data from various sources and build models that can provide actionable insights

•Strong programming skills in at least one language – Java/Python/R

•Exposure to tools/platforms – Hadoop eco system and DB systems

•Agile project planning and project management skills

•Excellent communication skills

•Domain knowledge/expertise (Healthcare/Travel/Hi-tech/Insurance) is preferredApproach to work

•Research focused mindset with strong attention to detail

•Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills; ability to devise a structure for solving unstructured problems / for conducting exploratory analytics

•High motivation, good work ethic and maturity

College Preference : tier1-any
Min Qualification : pg
Skills : java, marketing analytics, nlp, python, r, text mining
Location : Gurugram, Pune

27 Dec 2016

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