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SP Jain School of High Technology is organizing  a power-packed session on Deep Learning with Microsoft’s Open Source Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK). The session will be conducted personally by none other than Mr. Sayan Pathak, the Global Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft Corporation based out of their HQ in Redmond.

Venue: SP Jain Global School of Management, 1st Floor, Kohinoor City Mall, Premier Rd, Kurla, Mumbai

Date – 5 Dec 2016

Time – 10:30 am

Location – Mumbai 

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What is CNTK?

Cognitive Toolkit is deep learning toolkit by Microsoft. It supports feed-forward, convolutional, and recurrent network for speech, image and text workloads also in combination. Popular network types are supported either natively or can be described as a CNTK configuration. It can also scale to multiple servers.


What is the session about?

The session will explore Microsoft’s open source computation-graph based on deep learning toolkit CNTK. It is used to train and evaluate deep neural networks found in Microsoft products like Cortana.


What will you learn?

Learn how  CNTK is used to observe deep learning needs, what they can and cannot do. Understand the workflow of the CNTK and how to implement different algorithms using CNTK. To provide you hands-on experience the session will be followed by a tutorial.


Why should you attend this event?

  1. Build networking opportunities.
  2. Learn from experts from Microsoft.
  3. No registration fee

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