— January 10, 2017

Experience : 4 – 6 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Data Scientist / Machine Learning 

Language Choice

  • Ruby on Rails 
  • Python
  • Python & R 


  • Mongo DB  


Data / ML Visualizations

Computer Vision (CV)

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

Recommender Systems

Reinforcement Learning

Graphical Models


a) Predictive analysis    b) Prescriptive analysis   c) Feedback analysis

Recommendation Engines:

Text Mining

Data Mining

Supervised/Unsupervised/Semi -Supervised Learning Algorithms:

Deep Learning

Instance – based Algorithms

Bayesian Algorithms

Ensemble Algorithms

Clustering Algorithm

Regularization Algorithms

Decision Tree Algorithms

Dimensionality reduction Algorithms

Association Rule Learning Algorithms

Regression Algorithms

Feature Selection Algorithms

Algorithms Accuracy Evaluations

Computational Intelligence

Evolutionary Algorithms

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : datavisualization, machine learning, MongoDB, nlp, predictive modeling, python, r, recommendation engine, Reinforcement Learning, ruby, supervised learning, unsupervised learning
Location : Chennai

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