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Infographic – Learning Plan 2017 for beginners in data science

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Through this plan, we aim to remove the confusion in learning data science for beginners. The biggest challenge which beginners face while learning data science is not dearth of learning material – but too much of it. As a beginner, you are not sure where to start learning, what to practice, how much time to spend on a concept, where to get the useful resources etc. For most of the beginners, this becomes overwhelming and they simply drop out before even learning a single skill.

This plan takes this confusion out. The path contains both theoretical resources as well practical examples. We have also provided you with resources / tests to apply your learning and benchmark yourself. As part of this plan, you will apply the concepts you learn on real-world problems and gain hands-on experience.

This learning plan is extremely useful to anyone who wants to learn machine learning, deep learning and data science. For the people who have been looking for a comprehensive action plan to help them sort the course of learning this is the best resource, you can lay your hands on. To download the learning plan click here.


Access the complete plan here

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  • Mayank says:

    Hi guys,

    I went through the content provided at machine leatning mastery for various machine learning algos. I liked the content going by the looks of it. He has explained many algos in excel. The problem is , they charge amount in $. I’d like to ask if Anyone in India who has accessed such material ? How is it In terms of quality of concepts and overall material.

  • Sudhindra says:

    Awesome infographic and planner

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