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Infographic – A Complete Guide on Getting Started with Deep Learning in Python


You seem to come across the term ‘Deep Learning’ everywhere these days. It’s all pervasive and seems to be at the heart of all AI related research. It has even spawned new and never-thought-of-before innovations!

But how can you learn it? There are way too many resources out there, spread in a very unstructured and not a very beginner friendly manner. You complete a course on one platform, move to another course on a different platform, and so on. You learn, but not in any logical or sequential manner. That’s a bad idea.

We have put together a comprehensive learning path for any person wanting to get into the field of deep learning. This path contains plenty of resources, links, ideas and suggestions to get you on your way! I encourage you to check out the full article here, which contains these resources.

The below infographic is a very handy resource every aspiring and even established data science professional should keep handy with them at all times. You can download a high resolution PDF (just 1.5MB) from this link. I highly recommend doing this and taking a printout of the infographic – it’s a very handy pocket guide.

This is your ticket to deep learning – use it wisely!

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One Comment

  • John P says:

    I notice that most of deep learning projects are for audio / video / images / text.
    What about the traditional use cases like classification / regression.
    I am curious why that is not popular for deep learning?
    Thank you