Consultant, Data Analytics- Bangalore (3-6 Years Of Experience)

06 Mar, 2017 • < 1 min read

Experience : 3 – 6 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Job Description and Responsibilities:-

Support business in their decision-making needs (Transactional/ Operational) by providing insights from Data. Assess solutions for business opportunities by leveraging data (Transactional Data/ Big Data, External and Internal Data, Structured and Unstructured Data) and analytics methods. Provides advice, training and support in analytics. Furthermore, will build the application related part of analytics knowledge base in the respective domain. 

Dimensions Relating to Know-How: Technical Know-How, Management Breadth, Human Relation Skills 

•    Ability to communicate clearly (oral, written and remote) to remote audience with clear business articulation 

•    Expertise in multiple tools and techniques – SAS/R/ Python, Tableau/Qlikview, SQL, Statistics 

•    Understands and supports many business processes with analytics solutions/ deliveries 

•    Managing direct and indirect stakeholders (support functions) like Finance, IT etc. 

•    Collaborates and influences with known stakeholders 

•    Identify and replicate best practices across the domain/tools techniques descriptive and predictive analysis. 

•    Keep abreast with latest develop in analytics domain, emerging technology 

•    Advises business champions in the domain where analytics can contribute 

•    Year of industry Exp: 3 – 6 Years 

•    Relevant Exp in analytics domain: 2-3 years 

Dimensions Relating to Problem Solving: Thinking environment & -challenge 

•    Thinking environment: Impact of cross domain at a business/sector level 

•    Organizes the required resource and capacity for meeting the solutions delivery 

•    Adopts to the changes in the environment for the organisational strategy for EA (Domain) 

•    Understanding the business implications of solutions, and providing directions in defining the solutions to support the business requirements 

Dimensions Relating to Accountability: Freedom to Act, Magnitude, Nature of impact 

•    Executes analytics roadmap for the business process within the domain 

•    Ability to independently contributes towards the project taking accountability on accuracy and timeliness

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : python, qlikview, r, sas, sql, tableau
Location : Bengaluru

06 Mar 2017

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