Predictive Modeling & Optimisation Consultant- Bangalore (3+ Years of Experience)

04 Mar, 2017 • 2 min read

Experience : 3 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Role and Responsibilities 

• Understand business requirements to translate business problems into analytics problems and construct analysis road-map based on the business context 

• Manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data, extract & clean data to make it amenable for analysis 

• Analyse big data using statistics, econometrics, mathematics, operations research, and text mining techniques 

• Develop good visualization to communicate business insights from analysis and make actionable recommendations 

• Help deploy analytics solutions and enable tracking of business outcomes to measure return on investment 

• Keep up with cutting edge analytics techniques and tools in the continuously evolving area of decision science 

• Present/Advise/Interpret/Justify on analytics solutions from a project to Client/Internal Stakeholder 

• Accountability & Responsibility for specific roles played in a project 

• Support technical coaching of analysts. 


• 3+ years of work in statistical modelling and business analysis role 

• Bachelors/Masters in Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, IT, Statistics and MBA/PGDBM 


• Aware of various statistical analysis methods such as Regression, Logistic regression, decision trees, other segmentation methods and technical expertise in one of these techniques 

• Simulation & Mathematical optimization models 

• Time series forecasting methods 

• Hands on experience in statistical modelling software such as SAS or R 

• Strong Microsoft Excel, Access and PowerPoint skills (VBA & SQL experience preferred) 


1. Individuals with specialised industry expertise in atleast one of the areas which includes Technology, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Education and Hospitality 

 2. Individuals with Specific solutions experience in Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics, Risk Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Employee Engagement Analytics and Customer Analytics. 

3. Risk Modelling 

• Responsible for running the risk model, preparing in depth model review, documents and reports of loss estimates of client’s portfolio and developing and performing various quality assurance checks 

• Assisting in implementation of various risk models with model, research, analytics and software team. 

Responsibilities include reviewing the theoretical assumptions 

• Responsible for creation of test plan according to requirement of the model; verify, validate and execute the entire plan 

• Expertise in conceptualizing business problem into a tangible deliverable (an exhaustive report), model documentation and validation report writing, exposure to BASEL norms 

• Responsible for setting up independent benchmarking tools for testing of various scenarios and boundary conditions of complex models and the implementation of the model

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : decision trees, logistic regression, r, regression, risk modeling, sas, segmentation, statistical modeling
Location : Bengaluru

04 Mar 2017

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