Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Gourav Singh 05 Mar, 2024 • 10 min read

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What is Artificial Intelligence

We have come a long way in the field of Machine Learning / Deep learning that we are now very much interested in AI (Artificial Intelligence), in this article we are going to introduce you to AI. The short and precise answer to Artificial Intelligence depends on the person you are explaining it to. A normal human with little understanding of this technology will relate this with “robots”. They will say that AI is a terminator like-object that can react and can think on its own. If you ask this same question to an AI expert, he will say that “it is a set of patterns and algorithms that can generate solutions to everything without being explicitly instructed to do that work”.

Artificial Intelligence is illustrated as machines. This technology has extended to be very famous in the modern world. It is the process of intelligence in machines that are taught to learn, understand, and copy the actions of humans. These machines are capable of learning new things with time and perform human-like tasks without being explicitly instructed. Technologies like AI, ML, and many more are growing at a very fast pace that will have a big impact on the way how we live. Everyone indeed wants to get connected to this technology anyhow. Which can be in the form of an end-user or making a career in the same.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI can not be categorized in a single category, different types of AI are made to perform different tasks, and that is how they differ. AI can be differentiated into two types based on its functioning.

AI Type I

This AI is categorized into three fields which are as follows:

  1. ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  2. AGI or Artificial General Intelligence
  3. ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence 

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

This is one of the most ordinary forms of AI that is currently easily available and accessible in the market. These AI systems are programmed in a way that can solve a single complication. Also, the task it will perform will be with proper efficiency. As the name narrow suggests that it has some narrow capabilities like spam email filtering, suggesting a product or item for an e-commerce user, or in music recommending service. This is the only form of AI that is available in the world today.

ANI | Artificial Intelligence
   Image 1  

This form can come near to human functioning in definite conditions. They can also exceed humans in many cases. But this surpassing takes place in an organized environment with a limited set of guidelines.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This form of AI is only a theoretical idea. It is defined as an AI that has a human-level of cognitive tasks, across a broad variety of domains such as language filtering, image clearing, computational functioning, chess-playing systems, and many more. We all need to wait for a long time to build an AGI ecosystem.

AGI | Artificial Intelligence
Image 2 

This system can be made using a combination of thousands of ANI systems operating sequentially, communicating to each other to copy human reasoning. AGI will be able to complete every human task in less period with better efficiency.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

We are entering into the science-fiction colony, but ASI is likely to be the reasoning development from AGI. If ASI will be created then it will be able to cross all human abilities.

aritifical intelligence

This may include things like decision making, taking logical decisions. Also, things like making better art and making better emotional connections. Once, we develop Artificial General Intelligence, then AI systems will be quickly able to upgrade their abilities that no one has thought of. Moreover, the gap between AGI and ASI will be relatively narrow.

AI Type II

Immense research in AI divides this form into two more types, named Strong Artificial Intelligence and Weak Artificial Intelligence. John Searle is known as the father of these terms. The main reason was to differentiate the production level in different types of AI machines.

Strong AI

  1. It is an extensive application with a wide reach.
  2. This form of application has an unbelievable human-level intelligence.
  3. It uses gathering and coalition to process information.
  4. Example: Advanced Robotics
strong AI
 Image 4 

Weak AI

  1. It is a small application with a finite scope.
  2. This type of AI is useful for some limited tasks.
  3. It uses supervised and unsupervised research to process information.
  4. Example: Siri, Alexa.
Weak AI | Artificial Intelligence
Image 5

The Essence of Artificial Intelligence

The motive of Artificial Intelligence is to help human capacities and assist us with data resolution with broad outcomes. That is the appropriate response from a specialized viewpoint. According to a philosophical point of view, Artificial Intelligence can assist people with carrying on with more informative lives without hard work. Also, assist with dealing with the complicated trap of interconnected people, organizations, states, and countries to work in a valuable way for the totality of humankind.

Right now, the motive behind Artificial Intelligence has split by every one of the various devices and procedures that we’ve developed in recent years – to work on the human struggle. Artificial awareness has likewise been encouraged as our Final Invention. The design would develop earth-shattering devices and administrations that would dramatically change how we lead our existence by eliminating conflict, imbalance, and human torture.

That is all in the far future, but we’re as yet far from those sorts of consequences. As of now, AI is being utilized generally by organizations to improve and develop

  1. interaction efficiencies,
  2. robotize considerable agreements, and
  3. make business forecasts dependent on information instead of apprehension.

As all changes that have to lead up to this, the advanced work costs should be financed by enterprises and government organizations. Before it becomes available to an ordinary man. To look further into the motive behind automated reasoning and where it is made use of, you can take up an AI course and understand the artificial awareness course subtleties and upskill today.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides insights into user performance and generates schemes based on the data in various areas. For instance, Google’s prophetic hunt calculation used past client information to predict what a client would type next in the tracking bar. Netflix uses past client information to suggest what film a client should see straight away, making the client trapped onto the stage and increment watch time.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Image 6

Facebook utilizes past data of the clients to consequently offer ideas to label your associates, because of their facial components in their pictures. Artificial intelligence is made use of wherever by huge associations to make an end client’s life easier. The employments of Artificial Intelligence would extensively fall under the data preparing class, which would comprise the following:

  • Searching and advancing the stalking to give the most important outcomes
  • Logic-chains assuming to be applied to perform a series of orders dependent on boundaries
  • Pattern-recognition to distinguish examples in huge informational collection for remarkable bits of knowledge
  • Applied probabilistic models for expecting future results

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

There’s no question in the way that innovation has improved our life. From music proposals, map bearings, adaptable banking. To misrepresentation expectations, Artificial Intelligence and different advancements have been controlled. There’s a hardly recognizable difference between progression and elimination. There are consistently different sides to a coin, and that is the situation with AI too. Allow us to explore a few benefits of AI

  • Decrease in human mistake
  • Available 24×7
  • Helps in dull work
  • Digital help
  • Faster choices
  • Rational Decision Maker
  • Medical applications
  • Improves Security
  • Efficient Communication

Practical Uses of AI

Google’s AI-powered Predictions

We all know that while traveling, Google Maps can examine the rate of movement of traffic at any instant of time. But, this is possible only with the help of AI. Maps can easily integrate with user-reported road incidents like jams and accidents. Maps use large amounts of data that are examined by their algorithms or we can say AI that is available in Google Maps.

google's AI application

That can help in decreasing the number of accidents and jams at a particular location by recommending the fastest and shortest routes.

AI in commercial Flights

Autopilots are used in commercial airlines. The autopilot is nothing but it is an Artificial Intelligence. This is the oldest example of when AI was used. This is all done depending on how you define autopilot. According to the reports of the New York Times, the average flight time of a Boeing plane is only seven minutes of human steering. That is usually done for takeoff and landing of a plane.

AI in Spam Filtering

You will think that email inboxes do not have the use of Artificial Intelligence, but this technology is mostly operating in the email i.e. spam filter. It filters out the messages that come from hidden addresses. Spam filters continuously keep on updating themselves by refining different emails with some signals and words in the messages.

Artificial Intelligence in spam filtering
Image 7

With the help of AI algorithms, Gmail refines the inbox with an accuracy of 99.9%.

Plagiarism Checker

As content writers, we regularly use tools like Turnitin, small SEO tools, plagiarism detectors, and many more to check the plagiarism of any article. These tools are in demand as they are used by many high schools and college students to check duplication.

artificial intelligence

According to research, AI can be used to fabricate a tool for detecting plagiarism, although these tools have not openly stated their use of AI in this regard.

Fraud Prevention

In many situations, the extent of every day, the deal is too elevated for users to physically evaluate every transaction. Rather, AI has come into use for making systems that learn what types of payments are unethical.

fraud prevention
Image 9

FICO, the corporation that makes the most familiar credit ratings which are used to conclude credit worthiness, uses the neural web to assume unethical deals. Elements that can act on the neural web’s last output comprise the latest frequency of deals, deal size, and the type of retailer involved.

AI in Pinterest

Pinterest uses computer imagination, an app of AI where computers learn to “see” to recognize the objects in pictures themselves.

artificial intelligence

There are many other apps of Machine Learning at Pinterest which comprises spam hindrance, explore and learning ad show, and monetization, and email trading.

AI in Healthcare

There is top-notch optimism that the software of synthetic intelligence (AI) can offer significant enhancements in all regions of healthcare from diagnostics to remedy. It is commonly believed that AI gear will facilitate and decorate human paintings and now no longer update the paintings of physicians and different healthcare teams of workers as such. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is prepared to help healthcare employees with numerous responsibilities from administrative workflow to scientific documentation and affected person outreach in addition to specialized help along with photograph analysis, clinical tool automation, and affected person tracking.

Image 11  

There is top-notch optimism that the software of synthetic intelligence (AI) can offer significant enhancements in all regions of healthcare from diagnostics to remedy. There is already a huge quantity of proof that AI algorithms are appearing on par or higher than human beings in diverse responsibilities, for instance, in reading clinical snapshots or correlating signs.

HealthCare Environment Techniques

The healthcare environment is understanding the significance of AI-powered gear inside the next-era healthcare generation. It is thought that AI can convey enhancements to any technique inside healthcare operation and delivery. For instance, the fee financial savings that AI can convey to the healthcare gadget is a critical motive force for the implementation of AI packages. It is expected that AI packages can reduce annual US healthcare charges through USD one hundred fifty billion in 2026. A huge part of those fee discounts stems from converting the healthcare version from a reactive to a proactive approach, specializing in fitness control as opposed to ailment remedy. This is predicted to bring about fewer hospitalizations, much fewer medical doctor visits, and much fewer treatments. AI-primarily based totally generation could have a critical position in assisting human beings to live healthfully thru non-stop tracking and training and could make sure in advance diagnosis, tailor-made treatments, and greater green follow-ups.

AI Generation and Facts

There was a top-notch quantity of technological advances withinside the subject of AI and facts technology withinside beyond the decade. Although studies in AI for diverse packages have been ongoing for numerous decades, the contemporary wave of AI hype isn’t like the preceding ones. The best mixture of elevated laptop processing speed, large facts series facts libraries, and a huge AI skills pool has enabled speedy improvement of AI gear and generation, additionally inside healthcare. This is ready to make a paradigm shift inside the stage of AI generation and its adoption and effect on society.

Many believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will facilitate and enhance human work, rather than replace the work of physicians and other healthcare staff. AI is poised to assist healthcare workers with various tasks, including administrative workflow, clinical documentation, patient outreach, as well as providing specialized support such as image analysis, medical device automation, and patient monitoring.

AI healthcare Uses

There are distinct evaluations at the maximum useful packages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare purposes. Forbes stated in 2018 that the most essential areas are probably administrative workflows, picture analysis, robotic surgery, virtual assistants, and clinical desire help. A 2018 document through Accenture stated the equal regions and additionally covered linked machines, dosage mistakes reduction, and cybersecurity.

  • Complex algorithms: Machine studying algorithms are used with huge datasets along with genetic facts, demographic facts, or digital health facts to offer a prediction of diagnosis and gold standard remedy strategy.
  • Digital fitness tests: Healthcare apps document and technique facts brought through sufferers along with meals intake, emotional nation or activity, and fitness tracking facts from wearables, cellular sensors, and the likes. Some of those apps fall below precision medication and use system studying algorithms to locate traits withinside the facts and make higher predictions and deliver customized remedy advice.
  • omics-primarily tests : In omics-primarily tests system studying algorithms use genetic facts from a populace pool to locate correlations and are expecting remedy responses for the person affected person. Additionally, system studying employs other biomarkers such as protein expression, gut microbiome, and metabolic profile to enable personalized treatments.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence is the umbrella under which Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science work. As AI is being applied to each and every field like Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, etc. having a deep knowledge of AI concepts can give you higher career growth, and opting for certification for the same would be a plus point.

Thanks for reading this article do like if you have learned something new, feel free to comment See you next time !!! ❤️


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We have come a long way in the field of Machine Learning / Deep learning that we are now very much interested in AI (Artificial Intelligence), in this article we are going to introduce you to AI. The short and precise answer to Artificial Intelligence depends on the person you are explaining it to. A normal human with little understanding of this technology will relate this with “robots”. They will say that AI is a terminator like-object that can react and can think on its own. If you ask this same question to an AI expert, he will say that “it is a set of patterns and algorithms that can generate solutions to everything without being explicitly instructed to do that work”.

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