Blogathon 18 is Live Now! Total Prizes Worth INR 6 Lakh(≅USD 8000)

Sakshi Khanna 07 Apr, 2022 • 4 min read

Analytics Vidhya is back with another edition of Blogathon which is live now! Click here to register!


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

                                                                                                               Maya Angelou


Data Science Blogathon began with a mission to build a community where our data scientist enthusiasts are able to share their knowledge with the world. Our community is growing with each month, adding valuable authors and readers each month! We have been successfully able to publish approximately 2000 articles. We know how our Data Scientists are always excited to share their stories, through building different models via computing codes. And guess what? Analytics Vidhya made it more interesting by rewarding you for those exciting stories.

As we celebrate Women’s Day today, we are happy to share that Blogathon 18 has a special rewards category for Women. Hang on and read more!

Why should you Participate in Blogathon?

You might be wondering – what is in it for you to write a data science blog? Well, there are plenty of benefits!

  1. Learn and master the concept – Learning and writing go hand-in-hand. When we make notes for our exams, we tend to remember them better. Isn’t it? Once you begin writing an article on any concept, you will not only learn a new concept but will master the art of doing ‘research’ for that particular topic.
  2. Improve your storytelling skills – I will share a little secret with you here. Two of the most important characteristics of a great data scientist are storytelling skills and a structured thinking mindset. This is not an inherent quality but is developed by working closely on problem statements. Writing a blog improves both of these qualities.
  3. Build up your resume – One of the biggest advantages of writing a data science blog is that it makes you stand out from the crowd. Most of you already know that Analytics Vidhya’s Blogathon series is the second largest in the World. Thus, your articles are being read by a global audience which not only gives you feedback, and readership but also, helps you build up your resume and LinkedIn.
  4. Get attention and networking opportunities within the community – While gaining knowledge through the process of blog writing is important but getting a chance to network with industry leaders and like-minded people is priceless. Analytics Vidhya has 2.5 million monthly users including some of the well-renowned personalities so there’s a good chance of reaching potential people and employers.
  5. Win cash prizes – All of this is great but we all crave a reward for our efforts. Isn’t it? Don’t worry, cash prizes worth thousands are waiting for you. Read ahead to learn about all the rewards.

How can you Participate in Blogathon?

You simply need to register on the link to enter the competition. This link will lead you to all the required details about the Blogathon. Once you register, you will be led to our editor platform where you could begin your writing journey! If you face any issues or need assistance then, please reach out to us directly on this email for faster communication: [email protected].

Did you Know?

Women make up only approximately 15% to 22% of all data science professionals, according to Global Gender Gap Report by WEF. Analytics Vidhya aims to do its bit and bridge this gap through this Blogathon. As we’re celebrating Women in this Blogathon, we would be rewarding Top 10 Women Authors by adding INR 1500 to their final amount.

What are the Prizes on Offer?

Choose the Data Science content you want to create and win for each published article. There are two categories: Articles (1000 words)  and Guides (3000 words) and each of them has a different cash amount for AVCC members and non-members.


Mega Cash Rewards

Mega Cash Rewards | Blogathon 18


A Special Award Category – Win the new iPad!

You read that right – you even stand an opportunity to win the new iPad! Every author in the blogathon will be eligible to win an iPad through a lucky draw where a single winner will be chosen!

iPad | Blogathon 18

This is an unmissable opportunity to get your hands on the latest Apple iPad that has the world swooning. Imagine the writing and reading you’ll be able to accomplish on this blazing fast tablet.

Important Dates and Deadlines

We don’t want you to miss any opportunity. So, make sure you don’t miss any of these below dates:

Important Dates | Blogathon 18


If you wish to take a look at our blog then, here is the link.


That’s all folks! Head on to the registration page to know more details and some terms and conditions that are important for you to adhere to. We are excited for you to participate and contribute to our community!

Sakshi Khanna 07 Apr 2022

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