An AI-Generated News Presenter, Fedha Welcomes You in Kuwait!

Sakshi Khanna 14 Apr, 2023 • 3 min read

An AI-Generated news presenter has been introduced by Kuwait News, an online news organization connected to the Kuwait Times. Fedha, the host, made her debut in a brief 13-second film during which she introduced herself in Arabic. She also solicited feedback from the audience regarding their preferred source of news. The outlet’s Twitter account published the video. Additionally, Fedha will reportedly use a typical Kuwaiti accent to provide news updates on the website’s social media accounts. A new revolution has begun in the media industry!

Meet Fedha, Kuwait's AI-generated news presenter| artificial intelligence

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Why was the Virtual Presenter Named Fedha?

Fedha, an AI-generated news presenter, appears as a virtual presenter with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in a black jacket in the video. Abdullah Boftain, the deputy editor-in-chief for Kuwait News and Kuwait Times, claimed that Fedha’s name is noteworthy since it is a well-liked, traditional Kuwaiti name that alludes to the metal silver. Boftain continued, “Fedha represents everyone, and her blue eyes and blonde hair reflect the diversity of the nation’s population of Kuwaitis and expatriates.”


AI’s Potential in Kuwait’s Journalism Industry

AI-Generated News | media industry

According to Boftain, the decision to debut an AI-generated news presenter tests AI’s ability to provide fresh and original information. Although artificial intelligence (AI) has recently entered Kuwait’s journalism sector, consumers are concerned about the technology’s impact on artistic integrity, employment possibilities, and misinformation. Among 180 nations and territories, Kuwait was placed 158th in the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) 2022 Press Freedom Index last year.

AI’s Limitless Possibilities in Shaping the Future of the Media Industry

AI is shaping the future of humanity in almost every business, and it also affects our society. Generative AI has endless potential. The introduction of an AI-generated news presenter, Fedha, in Kuwait is a significant milestone for the area, even if the usage of AI in the media business is familiar.

AI-Generated News | artificial intelligence | media industry

Potential Applications of AI in the Media Industry Go Beyond Virtual News Presenters

The potential applications of AI in the media industry are numerous and varied, and the development of virtual news presenters is only the tip of the iceberg. It can also produce stories, spot fake news, and customize news content to suit users’ interests and preferences. President Joe Biden emphasized that the benefits of it the media sector are clear, although there are concerns about the possible risks to our society, economy, and national security.

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Our Say

The application of AI by Kuwait News to debut Fedha, an AI-generated news presenter, is a crucial turning point for the media sector. AI delivers a fresh and cutting-edge way to consume news. It has the potential to provide personalized news material to individual individuals. However, there are worries about potential hazards to our society, economy, and national security. Still, it has countless advantages for the media sector.

By taking this action, Kuwait News opens the door for other news organizations to investigate uses for Artificial intelligence technology, from creating news stories to identifying false news. As the use of AI technology in the media sector progresses, Fedha’s introduction heralds a new era in news reporting.

Sakshi Khanna 14 Apr 2023

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