TCS Plans GPT-Like AI Solution for Coding, Paving the Way for Prompt Engineers

Yana Khare 05 May, 2023 • 3 min read
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) also creates AI tools when the hype cycle for generative AI and GPT-like technology rises internationally.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is also creating AI tools that might code complete enterprise-level solutions for its customers when the hype cycle for generative AI and GPT-like technology rises internationally. N Ganapathy Subramaniam, the company’s chief operating officer, has disclosed that TCS has been creating solutions that experiment with automation for over 20 years. TCS’s next steps, however, involve incorporating generative AI like MasterCraft into the offering and creating generative software that can build comprehensive enterprise-level solutions.

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MasterCraft: A Tool That Generates Code

"</figureMasterCraft, a cognitive automation software from TCS. It can reuse and re-arrange preexisting lines of code to construct solutions. While Subramaniam noted that the tool had been successfully used to generate code for particular applications, TCS intends to incorporate generative AI into the product. Creating tools with productive characteristics is essential because experts think that generative AI technologies can produce complex algorithms that might resolve enterprise-level challenges.

Coding Jobs at Risk

Coding Jobs at Risk | TCS | MasterCraft

Traditional coding positions at TCS, which recruits tens of thousands of first-year students each year, may become redundant due to generative AI; these workers have the technical proficiency to build straightforward code solutions at scale. Subramaniam speculates that this new technology may create opportunities for a new class of engineers he refers to as “prompt engineers.” These prompt engineers will focus on crafting precise, succinct prompts for AI bots and providing the correct response quickly on these inputs.

“The learning will be a lot more interactive and less bookish. We are still at the drawing board regarding what this training would look like. However, AI technology will unlock immense potential for workers,” he said.

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The Emergence of Prompt Engineers

By Subramaniam, these quick engineers will have a technical background and a contextual understanding of the customer, the company, and some design thinking. According to Subramaniam, the quality of the questions you provide may significantly affect the result of a generative tool. They would therefore be responsible for creating pertinent cues for the AI bots.

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The Potential Benefits of Generative AI Technology

The Potential Benefits of Generative AI Technology | TCS | MasterCraft

The development of generative AI might provide employees with enormous advantages. For instance, coding repetitive processes could take less time. Thus, freeing software engineers’ time to work on more challenging jobs requiring human involvement. As a result, better productivity, greater efficiency, and lower costs may follow.

Creating generative AI tools by TCS is a giant stride for the company. Additionally, it heralds a new software development phase that may alter how companies conduct business. As robots become more capable of performing tasks formerly exclusively performed by people, the nature of labor will vary. However, this change might also present chances for people with particular talents. Talents like prompt engineers contribute to creating AI systems.

Our Say

The fact that TCS intends to provide coding solutions with GPT-like technology is interesting for the tech sector. The arrival of generative AI technology like MasterCraft may alter the development and usage of the software. This would increase automation, efficiency, and productivity. Traditional programmers may become obsolete due to this transition. Thus, highlighting the significance of learning new skills and utilizing cutting-edge technology to stay competitive in the labor market.

Yana Khare 05 May 2023

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