Meta’s Llama 2: Open-Sourced for Commercial Use

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 20 Jul, 2023 • 4 min read

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has made waves in the tech industry by open-sourcing its artificial intelligence model, Llama 2, for commercial use. This groundbreaking move provides startups and businesses a cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary models offered by industry giants like OpenAI and Google. With Microsoft as their preferred partner, Meta aims to democratize AI by distributing Llama 2 through Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and making it accessible on various platforms. Let’s delve into the details of this game-changing development that promises to drive innovation and foster collaboration.

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has open-sourced its AI model, Llama 2, for commercial use through Microsoft Azure cloud service.

Llama 2: The Commercial Version of Meta’s Open-Source Model

Meta’s announcement on Tuesday unveiled the commercial version of its open-source AI model, Llama. With Llama 2, startups and businesses can leverage the power of AI without the financial burden associated with proprietary models. This move disrupts the industry landscape and empowers smaller players to harness the potential of AI for their applications.

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Microsoft: Meta’s Preferred Partner for Distribution

Meta has chosen Microsoft as its preferred partner for distributing Llama 2. Llama 2 will be available to Windows users through Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. This strategic partnership amplifies the reach of Llama 2 and ensures its seamless integration into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Meta's Llama 2 is available for commercial use through Microsoft Azure cloud service.

Wide Availability and Accessibility

Meta’s commitment to democratizing AI is evident in the availability of Llama 2. In addition to distribution via Microsoft Azure, Llama 2 is also available for direct download. The model will also be accessible through other providers such as Amazon Web Services and Hugging Face. This multi-platform approach ensures Llama 2 reaches a broad user base, fostering collaboration and innovation.

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Meta’s Openness: A Distinctive Trait

Meta distinguishes itself from its tech rivals by embracing openness and transparency. Unlike the closed-door practices of some Big Tech companies, Meta has provided insights into the data and code it employs to build AI systems. This transparency enables outside researchers to identify and address biases and toxicities that AI systems may inadvertently acquire. Meta’s commitment to openness is commendable and strengthens the overall safety and security of AI technology.

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Meta open-sources its AI model, Llama 2, for commercial use.

Unlocking Innovation Through Open Source

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, emphasizes the importance of open-source technology in driving innovation. Open-sourcing Llama 2 allows developers worldwide to build upon this technology, fostering a collaborative environment that fuels progress. The scrutiny and contributions from a broader developer community enhance the safety, security, and capabilities of AI systems.

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Data Usage and Privacy Considerations

While Meta has shown commendable openness, the specifics regarding the data used to train Llama 2 remain undisclosed. The research paper introducing the model mentions training on a mix of publicly available sources, excluding Meta’s proprietary data. Furthermore, Meta ensures the removal of data from websites containing personal information. These measures prioritize privacy and data protection while leveraging publicly accessible information to train the model.

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Llama 2 on Microsoft Azure will follow all data usage and privacy guidelines.

Microsoft’s Commitment to Democratizing AI

Microsoft’s annual event for business customers served as the platform to announce the partnership between Microsoft and Meta. Both companies share a common vision of democratizing AI and making its benefits accessible to all. Microsoft’s statement emphasizes its excitement about Meta’s open approach and underscores its commitment to collaborative innovation.

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Our Say

Meta’s decision to open-source Llama 2 for commercial use marks a significant milestone in the AI industry. By offering a free alternative to expensive proprietary models, Meta empowers startups and businesses to leverage AI’s potential without financial constraints. Partnering with Microsoft ensures widespread availability, and the commitment to openness and transparency enhances the safety and security of AI systems. The democratization of AI through open-source initiatives fuels innovation and propels the industry forward. With Meta leading the charge, we can expect exciting developments in AI technology that will benefit businesses and users worldwide.

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