Shopify Employee Exposes AI-driven Layoffs and Customer Service Crisis

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 26 Jul, 2023 • 3 min read

In a shocking revelation on Twitter, a courageous Shopify employee has broken their non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to shed light on the company’s controversial actions and strategic direction. The thread exposed a series of events that began with promises of job security, only to witness massive layoffs later. What unfolded was not just a CEO’s misguided “bet” but a deliberate shift towards replacing human workers with AI and cheaper contract labor. Let’s delve into the implications of Shopify’s actions on customer service, workforce well-being, and its apparent change in market focus.

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In a Twitter post, a Shopify employee has exposed the company's controversial actions regarding AI-driven layoffs & customer service crisis.

Broken Promises: Shopify’s Job Security Pledge Disrupted

Shopify shattered the once-promised job security when the company carried out extensive layoffs in July 2022. The disillusioned employee’s Twitter thread highlighted the abrupt change in direction, revealing that these cuts were not merely a CEO’s unfortunate decision but a well-thought-out strategy.

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Embracing the Rise of AI: “Sidekick” Assistant Unveiled

Shopify’s foray into AI technology became apparent with the upcoming launch of their artificial intelligence assistant, “Sidekick,” for merchants using their platform. Observers saw this move as the company’s attempt to cut costs and cater to shareholders’ desires for higher revenues with fewer employees.

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An AI shopping assistant 'Sidekick' has taken over customer service jobs at Shopify.

Customer Service Crisis: The Toll of Replacing Human Workers

As Shopify embraced AI and contract labor, its customer service took a hit. The reduced staff and outsourcing of work led to significant delays in customer support, leaving frustrated merchants waiting for hours to receive assistance. The surge in fraudulent stores due to overwhelmed teams further intensified the crisis.

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Shopify faces AI-driven layoffs & customer service crisis.

Workforce Well-Being Neglected: Burnout and Stress Leave

The aftermath of layoffs saw the remaining staff burdened with increased workloads and inadequate compensation and benefits. The employee’s thread raised concerns about the well-being of Shopify’s workforce, with reports of burnout, anxiety, and stress leave becoming all too common.

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AI Over Human-Driven Service: A Shift in Values

The shift towards AI-based solutions superseded the value once placed on human-driven customer service at Shopify. Despite customer dissatisfaction, the company seemed determined to prioritize AI.

Shopify’s leadership, including President Harley Finkelstein, has assured employees that there will be no more layoffs. However, given the secretive handling of previous layoffs and the company’s actions, employees are left skeptical about these promises.

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A Shopify employee disclosed on twitter how the company has implemented AI-driven layoffs.

Our Say

The brave Shopify employee’s Twitter thread has laid bare the controversial actions and strategic shifts taking place within the company. The push towards AI and cheaper labor has come at the cost of customer satisfaction, workforce well-being, and trust. As Shopify navigates its path forward, it must confront these issues head-on and prioritize the values that once made it a favorite among small businesses and entrepreneurs. Only then can it restore faith in its vision and commitment to customers and employees.

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