Top 10 Generative AI 3D Object Generators

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Creating and visualizing 3D models has been made more accurate, accessible, and efficient through high-powered AI 3D object generators. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a game developer, it depends on your requirements as to which AI 3D object generators might be the best one for you. You can craft 3D models from scratch revolutionized using only images, text, or videos. Let us take you through the top 10 AI 3D object generators.

What is AI 3D Object Generation?

AI 3-D object generation is a process wherein we craft 3-D models more accurately with the help of AI 3D object generators. These tools help you design 3-D models and bring your ideas to life in three dimensions. You can create 3-D objects from text to 3D generators, images to 3D objects, and video to 3-D models. There is a tool for each of your requirements. So, unlock a new door to creativity with these tools.

Top 10 AI 3D Object Generators

The AI 3-D object generators have got you covered for all your 3D model designing needs. Using these tools to the best of their abilities, you can craft 3-D models and bring life to your ideas. Below are the top 10 AI 3-D object generators for you to explore.

1. Spline

Spline is one of the AI 3D object generators allowing users to shape interactive web experiences in their browsers. It is a fantastic tool for team projects with real-time collaboration features.

Spline dashboard | AI 3D object generators
Source: Spline

Key Features:

  • This tool offers a vast range of animation and 3-D modeling features, such as Material layers, 3-D sculpting, physics and game controls, 3-D modeling and animation, interactive experiences, and video textures & components.
  • You can explore tools for camera controls, 3D vector editing, drag-and-drop functionality, and web browser events. Users get to upload digital media through an API or a website, which is later automatically analyzed into 3-D models.


  • Basic: Free
  • Super: $7 / month
  • Super Team: $9 per team editor/ month

Access here: Spline AI – 3D Design 

2. Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece Studio is the first artificial intelligence offering text to 3D generator features, a user-friendly interface, fully functional 3-D models & animation generation, and natural language processing technology.

Masterpiece Studio Homepage | AI 3D object generators
Source: Masterpiece Studio

Key Features:

  • It is a game-changing program that requires just a few lines from the users to generate a 3-D model or an animation.
  • This tool reads the user’s descriptive language and translates it into a 3-D model through sophisticated natural language processing technology.
  • Users get to add life to their words and ideas in the form of a 3-D model.


  • $19.95/ month

Access here: Masterpiece Studio

3. Meshcapade

This tool is the only thing you need to create high-quality 3-D models using text inputs.

Meshcapade Homepage | AI 3D object generators
Source: Meshcapade

Key Features:

  • This tool’s patented technology offers a platform compatible with almost every game engine and graphic application to meet your requirements.


  • Free Trial

Access here: Meshcapade

4. Mochi

Mochi is one of the leading texts to the 3D generator AI Tool.

Mochi 3D Illustration | AI 3D object generators
Source: Freepik

Key Features:

  • It is a plug-in for game development to automate asset production and offers text-to-image mapping capability.
  • This tool allows its users to innovate 3-D models with the help of natural language commands and automated asset production, making it simple to operate the device.
  • Hence, with just a few Commands, this tool generates complex, 3-D models quickly.

Access here: Mochi

5. Luma AI

Luma AI Imagine AI, a 3D object generator, allows users to create a solid 3D model with a complete color texture through text input.

Luma AI Dashboard | AI 3D object generators
Source: Luma AI

Key Features:

  • This tool is well known for producing a live video stream in a 3-D environment.
  • It uses real-time imaging for reference.
  • This tool allows users to generate 3-D models through 2D images and edit animations in the web app.


  • Free for iOS Devices
  • $1/ API Capture

Access here: Luma AI

6. 3DFY AI

3DFY AI is one of the best text-to-AI 3D object generators that produce high-quality 3-D assets. Models are created at multiple levels of detail with high-quality UV mapping to suit the project scope of the user.

3DFY AI Homepage | AI 3D object generators
Source: 3DFY AI

Key Features:

  • This tool has features to use an image to generate 3-D objects within their interface, advanced generative AI & curated 3D databases of digital items.
  • Their process works on analysis and then synthesis, called pre-processing. The image or text is standardized and cleaned on the backend. Under text-to-image generation, definition-less tokens are deleted, and inputs are translated into a machine-readable language.
  • However, the images are first cropped, and the object of interest is isolated by removing the backdrop. Later, the data is rendered into object code, wherein the final 3D model is generated from the object code.


  • Starts from $20/ month

Access here:

7. Ponzu

This is an AI-powered tool for all developers, revolutionizing the creation of 3D objects.

AI-Powered Textures For 3D Models | AI 3D object generators
Source: Steemit

Key Features:

  • This software allows users to design high-quality photorealistic textures with easy and quick generation of high-quality 3-D objects, express individuality, and bring their ideas to life with 3D models.
  • The state-of-the-art algorithm of Ponzu allows it to create accurate textures out of any idea.
  • It allows users to handle the specular and diffuse lighting adjustments per their needs.

Access here:


This AI-powered 3-D generator creates 3-D models out of images.

NeROIC Object Rendering Application | AI 3D object generators
Source: AiThority

Key Features:

  • This tool can entirely alter our mental models with 3D assets.
  • It accepts and reads the image the user gave and turns it into a 3D representation.
  • The ability of NeROIC to convert videos into 3D objects is as good as it turns images into 3D models. This states that a user can craft a completely interactive 3D environment with a single movie.

Access here: NeROIC

9. DPT Depth

DPT depth is the process wherein a deep convolutional network is used to extract the information from any image and design a cloud representation of the 3-D object.

Schematic Representation of a DPT Model | AI 3D object generators
Source: Hugging Face

Key Features:

  • DPT depth is a rapidly developing field in computer science that trains more accurate 3D meshes and point clouds to represent real-life scenes through deep learning-based algorithms.
  • This AI 3D object generator holds the power to outstanding human-level accuracy, hence improving other standard methods like photometric stereo and stereo matching.
  • The excellent inference time of DPT makes it a great choice for real-time 3D scene reconstruction.

Access here: GitHub 


RODIN is a well-known AI tool that generates 3D using 2D. This tool has simplified the complex process of creating 3D objects.

 Rodin 3D Object | AI 3D object generators
Source: Slashdot

Key Features:

  • This platform helps users create realistic 3D objects with small information inputs like images.
  • By Offering features such as realistic 3-D avatar creation and 360° view of the created avatars, this tool crafts real-life 3D avatars, and users get a unique viewer experience.

Access here: Rodin


The field of 3D object generation has enhanced since the AI 3D object generators have stepped in. These tools have made the complex and time-consuming process of 3D asset generation into an efficient, accurate, accessible, and hassle-free process. With these tools, you can master 3D asset generation in no time and give life to your ideas. Gone are the days when your imaginations and visions lay unnoticed to the world; with the wide range of courses offered by Analytics Vidhya, anyone can learn generative AI with GANs, VAEs, stable diffusion & more using Python and Colab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the first realistic AI generator?

A. Dream Deep Generator is the oldest AI generator.

Q2. Can I build my own AI model?

A. You can build your AI model more efficiently if you have computer science, data science, and machine learning knowledge.

Q3. Is the AI generator free?

A. Most of the AI generators offer a free trial to their users. However, you might have to pay to access all the features of an AI generator.

Q4. How much do AI generators cost?

The average cost of an AI generator can be $10 per month. However, some premium AI generators can cost $19.99/month or even higher.

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