Most Requested ChatGPT Features for 2024

Pankaj Singh 29 Dec, 2023 • 4 min read


As technology advances, there is a growing demand for more sophisticated and versatile artificial intelligence (AI) models. OpenAI’s ChatGPT stands out as a trailblazer in natural language processing, reshaping the landscape of human-AI interaction and setting new standards in the field. Building on this legacy, the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently inquired about the features users most desire from ChatGPT in the coming year. The responses poured in, revealing a collective wish list that hints at the possibilities users envision for ChatGPT in 2024. It includes artificial general intelligence, GPT-5 language model, and personalization. Further in this blog, we will explore the most requested ChatGPT features for 2024.

ChatGPT Features

Fast Forwarding: ChatGPT Features for 2024 

Here are the most requested ChatGPT features for 2024: 

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): A Patient Await

Artificial General Intelligence’s (AGI) ambitious pursuit is topping the requested ChatGPT features list. Sam Altman acknowledged this aspirational desire but urged users to exercise patience, emphasizing that developing an AGI-level AI model by 2024 remains a formidable challenge. While users eagerly anticipate AGI, Altman highlights the intricate nature of achieving true general intelligence. He stresses the importance of methodical progress and comprehensive research to ensure AGI’s responsible and ethical development in the years to come.

GPT-5: The Next Evolution in Language Models

Unsurprisingly, users expressed a keen interest in the successor to GPT-4, eagerly anticipating the emergence of GPT-5 and its groundbreaking ChatGPT features. The desire for GPT-5 reflects the anticipation for a language model that pushes the boundaries of natural language understanding and generation. Envisioned as the next evolution, users hope GPT-5 will bring unprecedented advancements, tackling complex contexts and understanding nuances. They anticipate it will set new linguistic versatility and coherence benchmarks, pushing the boundaries of natural language processing.

Enhanced Voice Mode: Elevating Conversational Experiences

Altman’s followers also highlighted the importance of improving the voice mode, signaling a collective desire for more seamless and realistic conversational experiences with ChatGPT. Moreover, enabling natural intonation and emotion enhances overall user engagement and satisfaction.

Higher Rate Limits: Unleashing the Potential

Acknowledging the need for increased utility and efficiency, users requested higher rate limits, indicating a desire to harness ChatGPT’s capabilities more extensively and faster. This reflects the growing demand for seamless integration and swift access to AI’s capabilities in various contexts.

Better GPTs: Continuous Refinement for Excellence

The quest for better GPTs reflects a commitment to ongoing refinement and enhancement. Users want better ChatGPT performance, understanding, and contextual relevance for a more reliable and versatile conversational partner. In this dynamic landscape, the collective aspirations of users underscore the persistent drive towards a more intelligent and adaptive AI ecosystem.

ChatGPT Features

Improved Reasoning: Elevating Cognitive Capabilities

Altman’s list includes a desire for better reasoning capabilities. This underscores the importance of enhancing ChatGPT’s ability to understand context, draw logical inferences, and engage in more sophisticated conversations. Users are keen on AI that generates coherent responses and exhibits nuanced reasoning, contributing to more insightful and contextually aware interactions. This feature would elevate ChatGPT’s utility across diverse domains and foster meaningful engagements.

Control Over Wokeness/Behavior: Tailoring the Experience

Recognizing users’ diverse preferences, there is a call for greater control over the degree of “wokeness” or behavior exhibited by ChatGPT. This allows for a more personalized and tailored conversational experience. Users want to adjust the AI’s sensitivity to social and cultural nuances, aligning it with individual preferences and societal norms for enhanced adaptability.

Video Integration: Expanding Communication Horizons

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, users express a desire for ChatGPT to transcend text-based interactions. They envision the integration of video capabilities, opening up new possibilities for communication. This envisioned feature would enable ChatGPT to understand and respond to visual cues. It would foster a more immersive and dynamic conversational experience in the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence.

Personalization: Tailoring Conversations to Individuals

Personalization emerged as a prominent theme. Users wanted ChatGPT to adapt its responses based on individual preferences, making interactions more meaningful and relevant. This personal touch would create a more immersive and tailored conversational experience, fostering a stronger connection between users and ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Features

Better Browsing: Streamlining Information Retrieval

Elevating ChatGPT’s browsing capabilities topped the feature list, emphasizing the need for seamless information access in conversations. This enhances the model’s responsiveness. Users stress the importance of an agile AI adept at efficient web navigation, broadening its knowledge and ensuring comprehensive topic understanding.

‘Sign In with OpenAI’: Simplifying Access

Users desire a simplified authentication process, proposing a ‘Sign In with OpenAI’ feature to create a more user-friendly and integrated ChatGPT experience. This streamlined method aims to enhance accessibility and user engagement across multiple platforms.

Open Source: Fostering Collaboration and Transparency

Finally, advocating for open-sourcing ChatGPT highlights the need to foster collaboration, transparency, and community involvement in developing conversational AI. Open-sourcing invites diverse contributors for a collective effort, refining and advancing ChatGPT as a truly community-driven innovation.


As we eagerly await OpenAI’s 2024 developments, user visions outline a roadmap for ChatGPT’s evolution, desiring sophisticated, personalized, and accessible conversational AI. Anticipation focuses on potential ChatGPT feature enhancements. Users’ demand for new features mirrors rising expectations, reflecting a sophisticated user base.

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Pankaj Singh 29 Dec 2023

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