Indian Government Contemplates Adding AI Regulations to IT Act

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 05 Jan, 2024 • 3 min read

The Indian government is gearing up for significant amendments to the Information Technology (IT) Rules of 2021. The new additions target enhancing the oversight of artificial intelligence (AI) entities and generative AI models. We expect these amendments to introduce rigorous regulations for platforms utilizing AI algorithms or language models for machine training. Their focus would be on emphasizing the need for bias-free deployment.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is reportedly on the verge of notifying these amendments. We look forward to it bringing about a new era of accountability and safety in the digital landscape.

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Indian government plans to impose strict regulations on AI development

Bias-Free AI Mandate

The impending amendments will mandate that AI algorithms and language models used for machine training must be free from any discernible bias. The government aims to ensure that these platforms adhere to strict guidelines, prohibiting the launch of AI models with inherent biases or those trained on datasets producing biased responses.

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The amendments are set to broaden the parameters for identifying bias, encompassing factors such as caste, religion, community, and national security. Platforms will face a legal obligation to follow these parameters, expanding the ambit of trust and safety on the internet. The government plans consultations to identify additional parameters, emphasizing a proactive approach to eliminate biases.

India plans to control the usage and development of AI algorithms and language models.

Regulations Beyond Bias

In addition to preventing biases, the amendments might introduce regulations addressing deepfake concerns, managing synthetic content, and providing explicit instructions for platforms hosting loan apps. The government aims to establish clear directives, ensuring responsible practices in the development and deployment of AI technologies.

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Digital India Bill and Future Projections

The government is likely to incorporate similar provisions in the upcoming Digital India Bill, empowering users to seek algorithmic accountability from internet intermediaries and social media companies. However, the release of the Digital India Bill might be delayed until after the general election. This may prompt the government’s decision to amend the IT Act in response to the rapidly progressing developments in GenAI.

Digital India Bill will include AI regulations

Preventing Fraudulent Loan Apps

The IT ministry is contemplating strategies to prevent fraudulent loan apps from operating in India. This could involve white-listing legitimate applications or establishing a banking gateway to block transactions through unauthorized apps or individuals. The focus is on using predictive algorithms to deny access to the banking system, rendering such platforms ineffective.

Our Say

As the Indian government takes decisive steps to regulate AI and generative AI models, these amendments signal a pivotal moment in shaping the digital landscape. The emphasis on bias-free AI and comprehensive regulations reflects a commitment to fostering trust, safety, and accountability in the use of emerging technologies. The proposed measures not only address current challenges but also pave the way for a responsible and secure digital future.

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