Microsoft and Sarvam AI Collaborate to Enhance AI Accessibility in India

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 09 Feb, 2024 • 2 min read

In a significant move for the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in India, global tech giant Microsoft has joined forces with homegrown startup Sarvam AI. This collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility and applicability of AI solutions in the country, particularly focusing on the integration of Indic voice large language models (LLMs) on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking partnership and its potential implications for India’s technological landscape.

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Sarvam AI's Indic voice LLMs to integrate with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

A New Era of AI Integration

The partnership between Microsoft and Sarvam AI marks a pivotal moment in India’s AI journey. By integrating Sarvam AI’s Indic voice LLMs into Azure, Microsoft is paving the way for the development of AI models tailored specifically for Indian languages and contexts. This strategic move aligns with Microsoft’s broader vision of leveraging AI to drive innovation and growth across diverse sectors.

Empowering Linguistic Diversity

Initially focusing on Hindi, this collaboration promises to significantly enhance the linguistic capabilities of AI systems. The Indic voice LLMs, accessible and scalable on Azure, will enable rapid adoption by local businesses, offering greater accuracy and value in understanding the nuances of Indian languages. Such advancements hold immense potential for sectors such as customer service, education, finance, healthcare, and beyond.

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Microsoft and Sarvam AI: Revolutionizing AI Accessibility in India

Facilitating Responsible AI Adoption

Beyond mere deployment, Microsoft and Sarvam AI are committed to ensuring responsible AI adoption in India. Leveraging Microsoft’s cloud and AI infrastructure, including Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Machine Learning, Sarvam AI will train, host, and scale its LLMs efficiently. Moreover, the collaboration involves researching ways to better support Indian languages in Microsoft’s Generative AI frontier language models, ensuring inclusive AI development.

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Our Say

The collaboration between Microsoft and Sarvam AI holds immense promise for revolutionizing AI applications in India. As India emerges as a global leader in technological advancement, initiatives like this pave the way for inclusive growth and empowerment. By bridging the gap between technology and linguistic diversity, this partnership not only fuels innovation but also empowers communities and businesses across the nation. As India strides towards an AI-driven future, collaborative endeavors like this serve as beacons of progress and inclusivity in the realm of technology.

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