How to Create Music of All Genres using Suno AI?

NISHANT TIWARI 29 May, 2024 • 6 min read


Have you ever wished you could channel your creative energy into writing songs but struggled to find the right words or melody? Thanks to recent advancements in AI technology, there are now tools that can help spark your songwriting inspiration and guide you through the process with helpful suggestions. One such tool is Suno AI, an AI music generator designed to make songwriting more accessible to both novices and experienced musicians alike. With Suno, a startup leveraging OpenAI’s capabilities, you can input your ideas and generate 1-minute songs complete with vocals. Intriguing, right?

In this article, we will discuss how Suno AI creates a song in a minute, revolutionizing the music industry much like ChatGPT has transformed text-based interactions. This innovation is catching the attention of platforms like Spotify and media outlets such as Rolling Stone, indicating a significant shift in the future of music creation.

Suno AI

What is Suno AI and Why Should You Care?

Suno AI is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate songs based on user prompts. Launched in late 2023, it is a partnership between Microsoft and Suno AI, offering a unique approach to AI-driven audio technology. Unlike other AI tools focusing on generating text, it creates 60-second songs, providing a creative and accessible platform for users to engage in music creation, regardless of their musical training. This tool is particularly noteworthy for its potential to enhance language learning through songwriting, offering a novel way to engage students in language acquisition.

Suno AI is Perfect For? is ideal for language educators and students seeking innovative ways to integrate music into language learning. It provides a platform for students to create personalized songs in their target language, fostering creativity and engagement. Additionally, is suitable for educators looking to incorporate authentic target language music into their lessons and for students who may not have musical training but wish to engage in music creation.

How Suno AI Works Its Magic?

Let us now explore how Suno AI works its magic. Suno AI leverages cutting-edge GPT technology to create high-quality, AI-generated music that amazes both novice and seasoned music makers. As one of the best AI tools for songwriting, Suno allows users to generate impressive AI songs for the first time, transforming their musical ideas into fully realized tracks with ease.

The Power of Text-to-Music Generation

Suno AI allows users to input prompts and descriptions to generate personalized songs. Users can select from various prompts, such as creating a happy song or specifying the style of music. The AI model then generates two 45-second song variations with original instrumental arrangements and lyrics sung by realistic-sounding AI voices. This process simplifies songwriting, making it more feasible for learners to compose songs quickly.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, Suno AI’s AI model writes the lyrics and song title, accompanied by an AI-generated image as cover art. The tool supports 50 languages, allowing users to write and sing in multiple languages. Additionally, it provides choices of sentence starters, specific sentence structures, thematic vocabulary, and cultural elements to incorporate into the lyrics, offering guidance while allowing freedom for musical preferences. This collaborative approach offers numerous benefits, including memory enhancement, pronunciation improvement, vocabulary expansion, grammar reinforcement, and cultural knowledge extension.

Hands-On with Suno AI

Dive into the world of Suno AI, where trending algorithms meet professional-grade music production. This innovative tool is making waves in the music business, offering both pros and enthusiasts a powerful, open-source solution for creating high-quality tracks. Experience firsthand how Suno AI is revolutionizing the art of songwriting and music creation.

Getting Started

Unleashing your inner musician with Suno AI is surprisingly easy. Head to Suno AI and create a free account using your Google, Microsoft, or Discord login. Once logged in, you’ll be greeted by a clean and intuitive interface. The “Create” section is where the magic happens – a text box awaits your creative spark!

Suno AI

Using Text Prompts to Guide Suno AI

This is where Suno AI truly shines. You don’t need traditional musical notation; you guide the generative AI with text descriptions. Whether you’re aiming for an EDM hit or a soulful ballad, here’s how to craft the perfect prompt to bring your musical vision to life.

Painting a Picture with Words for Suno AI

The more detailed you provide, the more can understand your vision better. Here are some elements to consider:

  • Lyrics (Optional): If you have a lyrical idea, include it! A few lines or a central theme can give Suno AI a strong foundation.
  • Imagery: Describe the atmosphere you want to create. Is it a vibrant cityscape or a peaceful meadow?
  • Instrumentation: Do you have a specific instrument in mind, like a sad piano or a driving guitar riff? Mention it in your prompt!
Suno AI

Witnessing the AI Work its Wonders

Once your prompt is ready, hit “Create”! Suno AI will take a few seconds to process your request and generate two short song clips based on your description.

Suno AI

Here is the link to the other song created by Suno AI

Experimenting with Different Variations

The beauty of the tool lies in its ability to offer variations. Don’t you like the initial clips? Click the ‘Remix’ button, and a custom mode opens to generate or write new lyrics. Choose the styles and titles of your song and re-generate it.

Exporting and Sharing Your Masterpiece

When you’re happy with your creation, you can export your song in MP4 format, complete with visuals and lyrics. Share your masterpiece on social media, or use it as a launching pad for further musical exploration. Free vs.Paid Options

The free plan offers 50 credits daily, enough for 10 song generations. Each clip costs 5 credits. If you want to create more songs or extend the generated clips, there are affordable paid plans that offer higher credit limits.


In a nutshell, Suno AI music, a collaboration between Microsoft and Suno AI launched in 2023, is an innovative tool that transforms text prompts into personalized 60-second songs using AI. It’s designed primarily for language educators and students to enhance language learning through music creation, though it’s accessible to anyone interested in music.

Users can input detailed prompts to guide the AI in generating songs, selecting mood, genre, and even specific instruments. It’s user-friendly platform offers a text-based interface that simplifies song creation without musical training. Free and paid plan options provide a creative and engaging way to explore music and language, allowing users to craft, experiment, and share their AI-generated songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Suno free or paid?

A. Suno AI offers both free and paid plans. The free plan includes basic features, while the paid plans provide advanced functionalities and support.

Q2. What does Suno AI do?

A. Suno AI is a virtual assistant designed to streamline tasks and enhance productivity. It assists with scheduling, reminders, information retrieval, and can integrate with various applications for seamless workflow management.

Q3. How to use Suno for free?

A. You can sign up for Suno’s free plan on their website. After registration, start using its features like scheduling, reminders, and task management. Upgrade to premium for additional functionalities.


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