How to Find Phone Number Details Using Python

Ayushi Trivedi 15 May, 2024
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Have you ever wondered how to use Python to find the location of a phone number? You may acquire more information linked to a phone number in addition to tracking its location with the appropriate tool and Python library. We will examine in this tutorial how to use the Python programming language to complete this task. Now let’s get going!

How To Find Phone Number Details Using Python Library

The phonenumbers library in Python is a versatile tool for tracking phone number location and detail. It handles phone numbers across different regions and formats, providing comprehensive functionalities for parsing, formatting, validating, and manipulating data. The library extracts detailed metadata, including carrier information and geographical location, offering valuable insights into phone number data. Its seamless integration with other Python libraries enhances its utility, making it a go-to solution for phone number management and analysis tasks.

Installing phonenumbers Library

  • Utilizing pip, the Python package manager, you can install the phonenumbers library. Just type the following command into the command prompt or terminal:
pip install phonenumbers

Parsing Phone Numbers

  • The phonenumbers library allows users to parse phone numbers from strings, verify their validity, type (mobile or fixed-line), and country of origin.
  • The parse() function is used to parse a phone number string and obtain a PhoneNumber object containing detailed information about the processed number.
# Parse phone number string
phone_number = phonenumbers.parse("+1234567890")

Formatting Phone Numbers

  • After using the phonenumbers library to parse a phone number, you can format it in a number of  ways, including international, national, E.164, and RFC3966 formats.
  • A PhoneNumber object can be formatted using the format_number() function in accordance with a predetermined format.
# Format phone number in international format
formatted_number = phonenumbers.format_number(phone_number, phonenumbers.PhoneNumberFormat.INTERNATIONAL)

Validating Phone Numbers

  • The phonenumbers library provides methods to validate whether a phone number is valid for a given region or country.
  • You can use the is_valid_number() function to check if a parsed phone number is valid, based on its structure and assigned country code.
# Validate phone number
is_valid = phonenumbers.is_valid_number(phone_number)

Extracting Phone Number Information

  • Besides validation, the phonenumbers library allows you to extract metadata and information from parsed phone numbers.
  • You can obtain details such as the country code, national significant number, carrier information, and geographical location associated with a phone number.
# Get country code
country_code = phone_number.country_code

# Get carrier information
carrier_name = phonenumbers.carrier.name_for_number(phone_number, "en")

Example Usage

  • Below is a simple example demonstrating how to parse and format a phone number using the phonenumbers library:
import phonenumbers

# Parse phone number string
phone_number = phonenumbers.parse("+91 8318413141")

# Format phone number in international format
formatted_number = phonenumbers.format_number(phone_number, phonenumbers.PhoneNumberFormat.INTERNATIONAL)

print("Formatted Phone Number:", formatted_number)

Let us not write the complete code to get detail of phone number.

import phonenumbers
from phonenumbers import timezone
from phonenumbers import geocoder
from phonenumbers import carrier

# Enter phone number along with country code

number = input("Enter phone number with country code : ")

# Parsing String to the Phone number
phone_number = phonenumbers.parse(number)

# Printing the country code and national number separately
country_code = phone_number.country_code
national_number = phone_number.national_number
print("Country Code:", country_code)
print("National Number:", national_number)

# Printing the timezone using the timezone module
time_zone = timezone.time_zones_for_number(phone_number)
print("Timezone :", time_zone)

# Printing the geolocation of the given number using the geocoder module
location = geocoder.description_for_number(phone_number, "en")
print("Location :", location)

# Printing the service provider name using the carrier module
service_provider = carrier.name_for_number(phone_number, "en")
print("Service Provider :", service_provider)




In order to handle phone number data efficiently, including parsing, formatting, validation, and information extraction, this article examines the use of Python’s phonenumbers package. It shows off the functionality of the library by verifying its accuracy, extracting metadata such as carrier information and country code, and illustrating how useful it is in Python applications.

Ayushi Trivedi 15 May, 2024

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