Stability AI Launches Stable Artisan with New Image Generation and Editing Tools

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 10 May, 2024
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Stability AI has unveiled Stable Artisan, a new addition to its Discord channel, enabling seamless media generation and editing. This innovative Discord bot integrates cutting-edge AI models, empowering users to craft high-quality images and videos effortlessly. Let’s delve into the game-changing features and functionalities of Stable Artisan.

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Stability AI Launches Stable Artisan on Discord | AI image generation and editing

Stable Artisan Unleashed

Stable Artisan debuts on Discord, bridging the gap between users and advanced AI technologies. Leveraging Stability AI’s state-of-the-art models like Stable Diffusion 3, Stable Video Diffusion, and Stable Image Core, this bot redefines creative expression. Users rejoice as they gain access to unprecedented media manipulation tools within their beloved Discord environment.

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New Tools and Features

With Stable Artisan, creativity knows no bounds. Users can seamlessly initiate media generation using simple slash commands, unlocking a plethora of editing options. Here’s the arsenal of editing tools offered to users on Stable Artisan:

  • Search and Replace: This feature is similar to inpainting. It lets users pick a particular object in an image and replace it using simple language prompts.
  • Outpaint: With this feature, users can extend an image in any direction.  They can also insert additional elements to seamlessly fill the expanded space.
  • Remove Background: As the name suggests, this feature removes the background of an image, while keeping the rest intact.
  • Creative Upscale: This tool lets users upscale their low-resolution or low-quality images up to 4K resolution.
  • Control Sketch: Users can transform rough hand-drawn sketches into high-quality images with this feature. Its highlight is the precision and control in image conversion.
  • Control Structure: This feature generates images based on an input image while maintaining the structure of the input.
Remove Background and Creative Upscale on Stable Artisan Discord channel.

Affordable Innovation

Stability AI has introduced a user-friendly pricing model for Stable Artisan, making its creative tools accessible to all. The membership packs start with a standard plan of just $9 (Rs.750) per month for 900 credits. You can get 1900 credits for $19 (Rs.1,600) per month and 5500 credits for a monthly fee of $49 (Rs.4,000). The premium plan, priced at $99 (Rs.8,265), gives the subscriber a whopping 12,000 credits to use a month.

The credit-based system ensures fair usage, with each generation priced accordingly, promoting a sustainable creative ecosystem. Moreover, users can enjoy a 3-day free trial for any chosen plan, with the option to cancel at any time if it doesn’t meet their needs.

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Our Say

With its intuitive interface and robust features, Stable Artisan marks a significant milestone in Discord’s evolution as a creative powerhouse. This new addition, democratizes media generation and editing, fostering a vibrant community of creators. As users harness the power of AI within their Discord servers, the boundaries of creativity blur. Stable Artisan, thus, paves the way for a more inclusive and dynamic artistic landscape.

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