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We, as analysts, specialize in optimization of already optimized processes. As the optimization gets finer, opportunity to make the process better gets thinner.  One …

News: Edvancer Eduventures start CBAP course in Mumbai

In continuation to our previous articles (here and here), another training institute, Edvancer Eduventures has started offering a range of analytics courses in India. Currently …

Common data preparation mistakes and how to avoid them?

A few days back, one of my friend was building a model to predict propensity of conversion of leads procured through an Online Sales …

Nine productivity boosting tips for SAS Enterprise Guide Users

SAS Enterprise Guide is a versatile tool for everyone from novice analysts to experienced programmers. It has revolutionized the way people use and access SAS …


Every time I attend any analytics forum or interact with students, two questions stand out on account of number of times they are asked: …

What is Business Analytics and which tools are used for analysis?

Business Analytics has become a catch all word for any thing to do with data. So if you are new to this field and …


  One of the most common operation for any analyst is merging datasets. As per my estimate, an analyst spends at least 10 – …

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